For Arburg ‘there is only one plan A’

4 August 2022 08:59

As usual, the German manufacturer of injection molding machines and systems for industrial additive manufacturing Arburg will announce the news that it will exhibit at K. in Düsseldorf at a press conference scheduled the day before the fair gates opened. However, he predicted what this year’s theme and exhibition program will be: under the motto “There is only one plan A”(There is only one Plan A), will focus on the marriage between energy efficiency in order to reduce CO2 emissions, digitization and circular economy.

arburg Juliane Hehl “The issues of sustainability, conservation of resources and livelihoods are a growing concern for people, especially in relation to plastic – he explains Juliane Hehl (pictured), Managing Partner in Arburg and Head of Marketing -. As machine builders, we are responsible for consuming as few resources as possible in production.” This also means that customers can use our machines to save valuable resources and deliver solutions for the circular economy”.

The exhibition area is being expanded this year 1,900 square meters on the stand in hall 13, in addition to i.a 400 m2 of the exhibition arburgGreenworld within the Circular Economy Forum of VDMA. Including the ‘loans’ to partner companies, 15 3D casting and printing applications will be in operation in Düsseldorf. Those who use the Internet in the Messe Düsseldorf pavilions also have Arburg to thankfree WLAN access offered to all visitors, as was the case three years ago.

They will be exhibited in the main stand eight taps All-rounder equipped with hydraulic, hybrid or electric drive, with clamping force between 35 and 650 tons e two Freeformers for industrial additive manufacturing.

Arburg Allrounder 370 A K2022Among the casting islands, we point to the one dedicated to the production of dowels “Greenline” by Fischer on an electric press Allrounder 370 A with ‘recycled’ package and Multilift robot system. The cell set up in the arburgGreenworld pavilion is capable of retrieving there spruegranulate it and put it back into the production cycle (photo right).
Three other machines will be dedicated to the circular economy: an electric one Allrounder 470 Aequipped with connection 5G, will print post-consumer recycled polypropylene handles; -one Allrounder 270 S servo hydraulics will take Recycled PPS reinforced with fiberglass to make tweezers, while a compact island based on a All-rounder 375 V with six-axis robot and control module (ATCM) will produce a bicycle tool in recycled PA66 / 6 reinforced with 50% glass fiber.

In connection with hybrid drive machines, a Allrounder 1120 Hwith a closing force of 650 tons, will print a high-quality toolbox, while a Allrounder 630 H will be set up in version White room to produce test tube for blood in transparent PET, at a rate of 18 thousand pieces now; through the Gestica control system and the OPC-UA protocol, the press is able to communicate with the mold, the hotrunner controller, the dryer and the process automation.

With a All-rounder 720 A electricArburg will present an alternative todeep drawing. The new 1300 injection unit allows high injection flows thanks to the servo motors supplied by subsidiary AMKmotion. At the fair, he will print cups round and thin-walled with in-mold marking (IML).

damn movementExhibition one ends All-rounder More 1600 for the production of medical connectors equipped with a Yaskawa robot, programmed directly through the Gestica control system of the press and a All-rounder Cube 1800 with 8 + 8 + 8 cavity cube shape, which implements Foboha’s new CITI technology. With this cube shape, a component is produced in PP, TPE and POM.

In addition to the Arburg products, two subsidiary companies will also be exhibited at K2022: two 3D printers from innovationQ and the components of AMKmotion for driving Allrounder presses. With the purchase of AMK – which took place last year (read the article), Arburg now has complete control over the development and production of the entire machines drive unit, including servo motors and servo inverters.

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