Experienced teachers, the unions are not there: “You don’t need prizes, but resources for the contract. The school continues with underpaid teachers”

One out of ten, after training and selection. The teachers paid with prizes and not all of them. The (outgoing) government is planning the school system in August for the next few years.

This is the comment from the general secretaries for FLC CGIL, CISL School, UIL School, Gilda Unams and Snals Confsal around aid decree bisin these hours under consideration by the Council of Ministers, which introduces it figure of the expert teachera teacher who for 3 consecutive years from 2032 for merits related to education will receive an annual check of € 5800 according to the provisions of Law 76/2022.

The government finds new resources to finance the figure of the “expert teacher”, a selective mechanism of teachers that will affect only 8,000 workers per year and which the category has already rejected with the general strike of May 30 sl“, the trade unions begin

The school cannot continue with 8,000 experienced teachers, after a selective path lasting 9 years, while working daily with hundreds of thousands of underpaid teachers – underline the general secretaries of FLC CGIL, CISL Scuola, UIL Scuola, Gilda Unams and Snals Confsal.

It is clear that there is money for everything except for the renewal of the national employment contract which has expired for more than 3 years. Instead, it would be time to send a strong signal to the school world by adequately funding the renewal“, thundered the trade unions.

It is an established fact – they continue – that Italian teachers’ average salaries are too low, both compared to their European colleagues and compared to other public sector employees with the same educational qualifications. It is therefore intolerable that politics continues to pretend that nothing has happened on this issue. The responsibility, if there is no renewal, lies with all political forces, none excluded“.

It is still:”The absence of guiding law for Area V and the provision of one-time resources to FUN is serious with consequent pay cuts along with insufficient recognition of the work of school management. The school now deserves attention. An ecological provision is needed to think about the school for the next few years today. Investments in people are needed to ensure a better future for this country, which goes precisely through the school“.

For next September 8, we have invited all political parties to meet with the unions in the school sector to understand their real intentions, but in the meantime we want an immediate response. – the secretaries-general confirm, Francesco Sinopoli, Ivana Barbacci, Giuseppe D’Aprile, Rino Di Meglio and Elvira Serafinithe extract of the determination of measures concerning the school, which must be reported to contractual conditions and the identification of the resources to complete the ongoing negotiation of the contract of one million people “.

In the morning, the comment from Marcello Pacifico, president of Anief, had already arrived: “The decree of the bis aid law with the 14 billion additional tax revenue provided should have provided relief to respond to some emergencies for the start of classes in September, from the ventilation of the classrooms to the confirmation of the Covid staff to dwell only on data on the current health situation. Already emergencies because this was and is the perimeter within which a government without confidence during the election campaign can move”.

According to Pacifico, there would be “The obvious unconstitutionality of the rule, not to mention the merit of the content, the introduction of a legal status that, despite all the other professional figures (priests for example), introduces a career among teachers without debate with workers’ representatives and hidden change of a amended law with the full support of Parliament and linked to EU funding.It should also be remembered that previously the change of the legal status (which was at least organic), introduced by Law 53/2003, was repealed in the following term (XV). All this is unacceptable, it will lead to the mobilization of personnel in the fall and to the closure of complexes, classes and institutes after verification of the security status of the buildings by the RSU ”.

In fact, the unions have expressed concern over the contract renewal negotiations in Aran, blocked by the fall of the Draghi government, which will resume with the new management.

After the last meeting with the negotiating agency, other increases were added, which are not particularly significant: re. educational staffa average increase of 123 euros per monthfor 13 months, although it must be considered that of these 21 euros come from M OR F for supplementary negotiations and therefore not for all teachers.

With regard to ATA staff, there is an increase of 75 euros + 9.79 for the professional system + 3.91 in M OR F for supplementary negotiation, for a total of approx 90 euros.

So when negotiations resume, this will be the starting point.

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