Experienced teacher? But shouldn’t the outgoing government only deal with current events? We are still waiting for Dpcm to implement the school reform

But the current one Government in office did not have to deal with the suns current affairs or in any case of measures of necessity and urgency (legislative orders)? What does the statutory provision refer to expert teacher (which benefits from 400 euros per month more than the others), introduced, as far as we know, in the draft Assistance decree bis which is still being discussed in these hours in the Palazzo Chigi? It is true that the Aid bis executive order as a legislative decree is necessary and urgent, but the question we ask ourselves is: a provision such as expert teacherwhich, as our deputy director explains Reginald Palermocomes into force in ten years, after completion of three three-year education courses, starting from the school years 2032/2033, 2033/2034, 2034/2035 and 2035/2036. What kind of urgency could it ever have?

Furthermore, there would be pressing issues to be addressed in the school environment as, as we have emphasized time and time again, we are still waiting Dpcm (due to arrive in July) of the implementation of reform of the recruitment and training of teachers, it so urgent. About that, Gabriele Toccafondi, representative of Italia Viva, to one of our direct, had pointed out that without this Dpcm in the initial training courses, the universities are without the necessary information to set up the entire training and recruitment system. “So the road that has already been started must now be completed,” a member of the Culture and Education Committee in the room had said.

In short, how will the 60 points be structured in detail? How should the teachers who have obtained the 24 points manage to integrate them? How much will the qualification path cost for future teachers? And what about are you school reforms linked to PNRR? December 2022 is the next deadline to access a new tranche of European funding, which is currently at risk. All issues are far more urgent than the introduction of yet another disruptive new provision at school, moreover of a Outgoing governmenta backlash whose logic is difficult to interpret.

The summary. What will Dpcm define?

Dpcm will define:

  • that contents and structuring of the educational offer equivalent to 60 CFU / CFA, of which at least 10 in the pedagogical area, necessary for basic education, including direct and indirect internship activities of at least 20 CFU/CFA, so that there is proportionality between the various components of the mentioned educational offer and taking into account the aspects associated with inclusion in school as well as the special conditions in science, technology and mathematics subjects. For each internship CFU/CFA, the attendance obligation in classes must not be less than 12 hours. The decree referred to in the first period determines the number of university or academic credits reserved for inclusive education for people with disabilities.
  • There percentage of attendance at training activities necessary for access to the final exam in the introductory course.
  • That guidelines for recognition of other credits (in addition to the 24 points) possibly obtained during university or academic studies, as long as they are closely related to the educational objectives.
  • That professional minimum standards with reference to the skills to be possessed by the qualified teacher, develop the so-called Final profile of the qualified teacher’s professional competences and its verification methods.
  • That methods for completing the final exam at the university and the academic pathincluding the written test and the simulated lesson.
  • That standard necessary to secure a homogeneous evaluation of the participants to the path and the composition of the relevant selection committeewhere, in any case, there is a member appointed by the regional school office and an external member expert in education in the subjects inherent to the qualification path, who can also be identified among the supervisors.
  • THAT maximum costs registering for university courses and taking the associated final exams aimed at qualified teachers.
  • That charges in connection with the acquisition of 30 Credits which constitutes the initial training course for competition winners who have not yet qualified.
  • THAT contents of the educational offer regarding 30 Credits; that procedures for completing the final exam the course including the written test and the simulated lesson; and the composition of commission.
  • The possibility that access to the competition, until 31 December 2024, can be reserved for those who pass a pre-selective test.

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