Electric cars: the point of the situation

At what point is the spread of electric cars in Europe and Italy? At the moment still not very rosy, and if it is true that the number is increasing, the majority of cars on the old continent remain with a combustion engine, although with more or less light hybridization. However, Juice Technology AG, which produces the multi-socket cable that we appreciate so much, has tried to draw attention to the situation and try to understand the trends that will support the development, hopefully healthier, of electric mobility.

In fact, we know that since December 2018, the EU has declared its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from road vehicles by 90% by 2050, starting from 1990. An ambitious goal, such as determines that from 2035 only battery or hydrogen electric cars will be sold. But as much as we push for efficient infrastructure construction, we are still far from the one million charging points installed by 2025.

In Europe, electric cars account for 20% of the market

In 2021, battery-powered vehicles accounted for around 20% of new car sales in 2021, and in the five main markets of the Old Continent, namely France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, the market share of electrified vehicles (therefore also full and plug -in hybrid) went from 8% in 2019 to 38% in 2021. This trend leads to predictions that include the “overhaul” of registrations of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on diesel cars already in the first half of 2023.

Cupra Born e-Boost

Furthermore, according to the forecasts, 2025 is the year when electric cars will reach the “tipping point”, because they should solve the two main problems: they will be cheaper and easier and faster to recharge. This also in light of ever stronger pillars, but we also hope for new charging technologies for both the public and private spheres. In any case, the drop in prices should be favored by competition and the arrival of cheap cars, which it must be said have already contributed to lower prices, especially models such as the Dacia Spring and the Fiat 500e, which, unsurprisingly, have conquered in addition to the Italian market, also the German and French.

Nothing compared to China

There is always China to keep an eye on. We have written it several times, and Juice Technology research in collaboration with futurist Lars Thomsen agrees. Current leader of electric cars, China is getting tougher on the European and American marketswhere, thanks to the work of European designers and engineers, it is able to offer cars at quite democratic prices, and in some cases, such as Nio or Lynk & Co cars, even aesthetically pleasing.

Replacement of battery

Furthermore, Chinese manufacturers such as Nio itself, or Geely (the group that controls Volvo, Lotus, half of Smart and the aforementioned Lynk & Co), invest large sums in the exchange battery, that is, the technology that in less than 5 minutes it replaces the dead battery with a charged one, which eliminates the problem of refueling times and the columns, since the already present distributors can be utilized. A huge advantage compared to Euro-American manufacturers who could hardly agree on a single standard for accumulators.

The US and US manufacturers are also running. Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, for example, announced a return to Europe with electric cars, and Ford almost surprisingly said in 2021 that from 2030 it will produce only battery-powered cars. The US also predicts a growing market for both cars, especially pick-ups (15%) and charging infrastructure, to reach 2025 with a BEV share of over 40%.

Is it Italy?

Is Italy ready for the “electric breakthrough”? The local market closed 2021 with 1,457,952 registrations, of which 4.6% represented by electric cars (67,542). Of course, we are talking about growth compared to 2.3% in 2020 and above all 0.5% in 2019. Motus-E, together with the European Climate Foundation, has predicted that electricity will account for 50% of demand in 2030: current state of affairs, at least on a perceptual level, seem quite ambitious as a given. But what the research shows is that by 2030 we will still be very far from the 2035 goals of the Italian government, which is joining the EU in “banning” endothermic cars.

Fiat 500e

The same research reports the opinion of 2,004 Italians, according to which, as early as 2025, consumer demand for electricity will be higher than for any other type of power supply. This is thanks to incentives (which don’t seem to be helping though) and a bigger offer. Even other Cristoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology, in Italy the time is ripe for the transition due to the interest. According to him, however, the Italian turning point will be 2024, the year when more battery models arrive at more affordable prices and more intelligent charging solutions to support the infrastructure. “In Italy the roads are narrower than in other parts of the world, so I think it was good to wait for the technology to develop to the point where electric cars of more compact dimensions and therefore more suitable for road traffic are convenient and reliable.” said Ernie.

I say as the owner of an electric that the time is ripe perhaps in Northern Italy, in the big cities, where there is no shortage of problems. But I myself took a small Fiat 500e, and after all it is known that the Italians, whether for more accessible prices or for dimensions more suitable for the narrow streets of cities, choose the small cars, as currently in electric cars represent cars with city autonomy or for trips out of town.

We are still two years away from 2024 and we are curious about the new charging technologies. At the moment, however, we see manufacturers, from Volvo to Kia, tackling the country’s infrastructure to address the institutional deficiencies.


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