Electric cars: make babies fall asleep quickly, according to a Citroën study

Citroën conducted a survey of 2,000 parents with babies and toddlers who were deciding whether to buy an electric or hybrid car. The results show it 56.4% of the parents surveyed said that their child could fall asleep easier or just as easily in the new electric car than in the previous petrol or diesel car.

11.9% admitted that it is more difficult to get their children to sleep with an electric car, while 15.8% were unsure. 44%, or almost half, of all parents surveyed reported that they have already taken their child for a short ride in an electric car to help them fall asleep.

A study by Citroën reveals that electric cars make children fall asleep quickly

Citroën: the features proposed by electric cars bring benefits to the smallest

That Citroën study shows how particularly effective the use of an electrified model can be in helping babies fall asleep. According to the data collected, on average, it takes a child 16.5 minutes to fall asleep in the carwith 96% of parents reporting that their child typically falls asleep in about 30 minutes.

The main factors that parents say help babies and toddlers fall asleep while driving are smooth vehicle movement on the road (46%), a comfortable temperature in the car (41%) and a comfortable seat (40%). More than a third of parents (34%) told Citroën that they consider smooth driving to be the most important factor in helping their child fall asleep.

Electric cars sleep Citroën children

The French automaker has designed its latest range of vehicles with the aim of insuring maximum driving comfort for drivers and passengers of all ages. The electrified models of the brand offer maximum “e-comfort” thanks to the smooth and almost silent driving behavior in electric mode, in combination with the typical comfort of Citroën. No vibration, zero clicks and zero switch functions ensure a smooth 360° driving experience and let children fall asleep peacefully.

Marked off Stellantis has always been synonymous with well-being on board. This unique and exceptional comfort is based on a number of innovations that have become a true hallmark. This especially includes Advanced comfort suspension that allows the vehicle to “glide” on the bumps in the road and ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for everyone.

Added to this is the comfort Advanced comfort seats which consists of a high-density foam padding and an additional 15 mm layer of textured foam to provide maximum comfort and support, as well as soundproof acoustics that filter out all external disturbances.

Electric cars sleep Citroën children

Eurig Druce, head of Citroën UK, said that for new parents, getting their baby to sleep is often a challenge. However, a short drive is a proven method for many parents.

Research by the French manufacturer shows that younger children fall asleep faster than at home. The smooth and quiet driving of electric vehicles creates an even more relaxing environment for both children and parents.

The current green range of the French brand includes nine PHEVs and EVs

Citroën plans to launch an electrified variant of every vehicle in its range by 2025. This will continue to ensure a quiet and relaxing driving experience for the whole family with its models in the future.

The company already offers nine electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including several models that are ideal for families and set standards in terms of space, convenience and variety. An example is Citroën e-C4 fully electric with its 50 kWh battery that ensures up to 354 km of autonomy in the WLTP cycle with a single charge. The largest e-Berlingo with five or seven seats, on the other hand, offers up to 285 km of autonomy.

Three child seats with the ISOFIX system can be comfortably placed side by side on the back seat Citroën e-SpaceTourer with zero emissions. It is available in two lengths (M and XL) and with two battery sizes (50 kWh and 75 kWh) and offers a range of up to 322 km.

All three models can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes with a 100 kW quick charge. Finally we have Citroën C5 X Hybrid And C5 Aircross Hybrid which combines a 180 HP petrol engine and an 80 kW electric motor and offers a range in 100% electric mode of around 60 km.

Electric cars sleep Citroën children

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