Coesia’s solutions on display at Pack-Expo 2022 (Chicago, October 23-26) Industria Italiana

In the 2022 edition of Pack-Expo visitors will be able to experience first-hand Coesia Group’s solutions aimed at automating manual operations in the production plants: from unloading and handling of raw materials to primary packaging and from secondary packaging to the end of the line. The goal is to use highly efficient and reliable machines to make processes autonomous, especially with regard to the most repetitive tasks, reserving higher value-added activities for employees.

At the reference fair for North America, dedicated to the process and packaging industry, Coesia launches the project Resale. With its experience in the world of automation, the group proposes itself as a solid interlocutor for companies looking for automatic solutions for handling orders from online channels. From robotics to fulfillment solutions to box-on-demand, from mass customization to sorting systems, there are many skills available to customers in the e-commerce world, with solutions that focus on agility, flexibility and efficiency. Hand in hand with automation, Coesia also continues to invest in digital tools and services – fundamental pillars of the company’s strategy – to optimize the efficiency of machines, lines and entire factories and to improve its customer service. On the digital front, Coesia presents booth 2501 (South Hall) the latest portfolio news within the areas Coesia Digital And Customer service. A space on the stand is dedicated to sustainability, which is confirmed as a pillar of the group’s strategy: the machines on display are able to handle sustainable materials, based on paper or single-material plastic film, which are easier to dispose of at the end of use. Furthermore, thanks to the Coesia Shelf of Sustainable Solutions it is possible to touch more than 50 environmentally friendly packaging solutions for several applications, designed by the Coesia companies.

The Coesia stand is divided into three areas, where technicians and experts present the group’s solutions: Food & Beverage, Pharma & Personal Care, Cross Industry Automation. There are twelve group companies present: Acma, Atlantic Zeiser, Citus Kalix, FlexLink, GD, Gf, Hapa, Mgs, Norden, RA Jones, Tritron And Volpak.

In the stand area dedicated to Coesia Digital:

  • Optimal, Coesia proprietary smart HMI developed to accelerate operations such as format change, troubleshooting, maintenance or technician training and to facilitate access to guided procedures and digital documentation directly on the machine. OptiMate is visible and testable on Acma, Atlantic Zeiser, Citus Kalix, Hapa and Volpak solutions and Enflexa Volpak brand, as well as within the Coesia Digital corner.
  • PerforMate, Coesia’s IIoT platform for real-time machine monitoring, allows you to improve the management, collaboration and performance of the entire machine fleet, and also acts as a single portal for many innovative services. PerforMate is visible on Citus Kalix, Mgs, Norden, RA Jones and Volpak solutions.
  • UltiMate, the advanced software platform for analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Directly connected to the other Coesia Digital services, this platform is designed to increase productivity and quality without losing sight of maintenance and cost containment. UltiMate is present in the Coesia Digital area.
  • HyperMate, an end-to-end Manufacturing Operations Management solution designed to achieve complete digitization of manufacturing processes. Thanks to its ability to adapt to customer processes, HyperMate promotes automation and improves the quality of operations by scaling the automation model of the machine to factory level. HyperMate is also present in the Coesia Digital area.

In the stand area dedicated to customer service:

  • Web shop, the Coesia online platform to manage and monitor spare parts orders quickly and efficiently. The clear interface, the photographic catalog and the possibility to search and select components in different ways (e.g. uploading lists) make the Coesia webshop extremely intuitive.
  • Remote assistance, which includes assistance activities that do not require the physical presence of a Coesia operator on board the machine. Thanks to advanced remote connection and collaboration tools, video and augmented reality, Coesia is able to provide real-time remote technical support and diagnosis.
  • Service agreement, a suite of structured services that can be customized according to customers’ needs with the aim of optimizing machine maintenance, ensuring the best possible conditions of use and maximum productivity. This suite ranges from simple scheduled maintenance to the most complex full service contract with guaranteed performance combining different service elements.
  • Oee Consultinga specialized consulting service which, based on an assessment of the efficiency level of customers’ operations where Coesia machinery is installed, aims to identify and implement solutions that improve their performance.

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