Books for children 0-3 years. The importance of reading aloud

There is a strong positive incidence in the habit of reading for boys and girls from the first months of life: the speed of socialization increases and positive effects on emotional and relational development.

To explain everything benefits of reading for children from 0 to 3 years and advise us on which books to read are in this article, Alessandra Notarbartolo, coordinator of the Zen Insieme associationby Spazio Mamme from Save the Children in Palermo.

The importance of a journey through words

Even before the child acquires the ability to express themselves verbally and subsequently recognize the written letters, reading books to them helps them to become familiar with the speechwith sounds, with the different tones of the voice and therefore allows them to understand the emotional state of the speaker even before they understand the verbal meaning of the speech.

Reading stories to boys and girls by imitating the different characters, making the “big voice” when the troll comes, or the cheerful and happy voice of those who walk in the forest and hum, enables the boy and girl to identify the feeling as that character experiences: basic ability to train for the development of empathy.

But there’s more: reading aloud allows you to learn to understand the meaning of a sentence first, then of a whole story. Listening to stories enriches the vocabulary of girls and boys and accelerates the maturation of language, communicative and intellectual skills. It is also fun to read aloud make a habit of listeningincreases the attention span, increases the desire to learn to read and to know.

Read together to strengthen the parent-child relationship

Reading with boys and girls is powerful chance of relationship and sharing between children, daughters and parents. In fact, it represents an occasion when mom and dad dedicate themselves to them, “take refuge in another world” and give themselves a moment of relaxation. It is a positive and enjoyable experience that gives you the opportunity to do so strengthen the bondthe sense of security and attachment.
What matters most is being together, sharing the beauty of listening and of physical proximity: To read a book together, lie or sit close together.

Furthermore, it is important to make parents and teachers more aware of the role they can play growth process of girls and boys through reading. This is to motivate parents to practice and provide continuity along the way by supporting teachers and educators to include reading in the educational programming of curricula.

Tips for reading

We have chosen some of the books that we consider fundamental, to be offered at the workshops, both with parents (and their sons and daughters) and in nurseries and kindergartens (up to 3 years).

Books for children between 0-2 years

  • Follow me slowly, we will go far” by Martine Perrin (Franco Cosimo Panini)
    Interactive book that invites boys and girls to play with their fingers to follow paths and imagine tactile and emotional sensations
  • “Tam Tam bum” by Frédéric Stehr (Baby book)
    Book composed of onomatopoeic sounds and many figures, invites boys and girls to reproduce these sounds and make music even without musical instruments.
  • “The fact is…” by Gek Tessaro (Pencil)
    This hardcover tells us that it is important to be independent and want to do your own thing from an early age. At some point, the other will actually make her choice, on her own time, without being forced.
  • “For Me the Eyes” (Ladybug)
    A collection of nursery rhymes about animals in the form of a riddle. There are two holes, like the eyes of various animals, and they only reveal part of the pictures to fascinate boys and girls and, together with the text, encourage them to guess.
  • “Friends?” by Brunella Baldi (Corsare editions)
    Between the attempts to make friends and the teasing and whims, games, small conflicts and the search for solutions are staged, which animate the friendships between the youngest and the smallest.

Books for 3-year-old boys and girls

  • “Pezzettino” by Leo Lionni (Baby book)
    A long journey in search of oneself. Pezzettino’s uncertainty turns into the certainty of being something incomplete or the missing piece of someone older than him. Thus begins the long journey in search of himself until he understands that being “unique” is the strength of each of us
  • “Is there anything more boring than being a pink princess?” by Raquel Díaz Reguera (Seventh)
    Carlotta is very tired of pink! He wants to dress in red, green and purple and doesn’t want to kiss toad after toad to find prince charming! Why are there no princesses sailing the seas or rescuing princes from the jaws of a ferocious wolf? Carlotta also wants to experience the fantastic adventures of fairy-tale books, she dreams of chasing dragons and flying in a balloon …
  • “Little Blue and Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni (Baby book)
    When two dots are enough to explain the similarity and beauty of being together despite the differences.
  • “The Little Caterpillar Was Never Satisfied” by Eric Carle (Mondadori)
    All caterpillars turn into butterflies, but how do they do it? To learn one of nature’s mysteries, to grow up with a cute caterpillar that never stops eating, to become butterflies and fly, between fantasy and reality.
  • “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson (Emme Edizioni)
    The monster most loved by boys and girls all over the world, a rhyming story, full of misunderstandings, where a cunning mouse manages to make fun of animals that are apparently much bigger and stronger than him. A wonderful story about a monster that looks terrible, but instead is very tender and does not scare anyone.
  • “The colors of emotions” by Anna Llenas (Gribaudo)
    What did the color monster do? He has mixed feelings and now we have to sort out the mess. Will he be able to put back the joy, the sadness, the anger, the fear and the calm, each with its own color?
  • “Mom is coming!” by Kate Banks (EDT – Giralangolo)
    While Dad is at home dealing with three little pests, a cat and a dog, with dinner to prepare and games to clean up, what’s going on across town? The mother closes the shop, opens the umbrella, goes to catch the train … Two stories in parallel help to answer the questions that accompany the definitions of roles in the family

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