Back to school and Covid, first guidelines from the Regional Conference. Rusconi (Anp): “Cinderella School of Politics”

Less than a month after reopening of schoolswhile you still are No guidelines have been published for measures against Covid of the Ministry of Health, to give the first operational indications of this, in a draft, it was The regional conference.

As we read on Corriere della Sera there The regional conference unofficially began to flesh out one strategic plan to be implemented against Covid at school to ensure that the governors are not unprepared. This plan is divided into two “phases”.

First and second phase of the strategy

In a phase, it can be said, calmly at the level of the tendency to infection, one could behave like this: if a pupil has a temperature above 37.5, symptoms compatible with Covid or a positive swab, can’t go to school. On the other hand, those who have “mild respiratory symptoms and in good general condition” and do not have a fever and who test negative can participate wearing FFP2 masks.

So if this type of measure is actually adopted, there can be no question of a total goodbye masks at school. The latter is most likely to occur frequently, and therefore many students may be forced to wear personal protective equipment in the classroom.

In the event that I infection increase exponentially, according to the draft, we would move on to the second, more serious phase. In this case distance of one meteroutdoor activities will be privileged, the periodic sanitation (weekly) of all environments and if necessary it would be required use of surgical masks for students and staff.

Other key points in this “strong” strategy is: granting exercise rooms and other school premises to third parties is only permitted if the obligations for thorough cleaning and sanitation have been regulated through written agreements, which must not be left to the school staff and must be carried out at the end of the activities on the day of use; administration of meals in the school canteen premises with shifts; the consumption of snacks at the counter.

There are many elements to be taken into account: “The determining factors are represented by the intensity of the viral circulation, by the characteristics of the circulating viral variants, by the clinical forms that they can determine at school age and not by the vaccination coverage against COVID-19 and to the extent protection against infections, severe forms of illness and death caused by vaccinations and the protection induced by previous infections, the need to protect frail persons at greater risk of serious disease”, reads the draft.

Rusconi (Anp Lazio): “The virus does not give up, father could be inevitable”

Discussing the impending return to school with the Covid bugbear was Mario Rusconidirector of the Pius IX Institute in Rome and president of the National Association of Principals (NPC) in the capital in an interview with the agency To say. “While we wait for indications of a restart, there is a virus that does not give up and is evolving. It is clear that if the virus starts to spread again, a return to distance learning will be partly inevitable,” he said. Rusconiconcerned “From the absolute lack of news from the Ministry of Health”.

The manager could not fail to point out the difficulties that the the school world has to fight at the last minute and in a messed up way: “Once again the school world is forced to work at the last minute. We trust that at least before the end of August they will give us precise indications of the masks – he explains – and we hope that the local authorities will use this time to ensure ventilation inside the classrooms, especially if the use of mask in teaching. the classroom is no longer necessary”.

“On the 29th of July we met together with the school and infrastructure councilors to understand how to start the school year again. If nothing is done now, afterwards it will be too late: from September students will start to return to classes. Just as the NPC is asking we for greater commitment on the part of all local authorities, so that they work so that the school can resume normally in safety. We would like this issue to be among the issues of the election campaign – he said harshly Rusconi – but as usual the school is the Cinderella of our political system”.

And about ventilation, Rusconi concludes bitterly: “There are very few schools that have them, and besides, a professional ventilation system costs between 3 and 5 thousand euros per unit. classroom. Considering that we have 42,000 buildings, this is a huge number, which also implies significant energy consumption. But even on this question we have no indication and no news”.

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