At Webtek Kids Camp, the children made a cartoon

Five and a half minute cartoon conceived, written, drawn and interpreted by the 17 children: it is the result of two weeks of intense and carefree engagement, of hours spent learning about the territory, themselves and others, cementing friendships, sharing their parents’ workplaces.

At Webtek Kids Camp, the children made a cartoon

«Webtek Kids Camp», the first company welfare experience in Valtellina, ended on Friday, July 29, with a big party that brought together parents and children, with the screening of the cartoon and the distribution of diplomas. In the middle of summer, the web and creative agency in Poggiridenti promoted an inclusive initiative that brought parents and children together in the same place, bringing the latter closer to mom and dad’s work.

“The journey to the treasure of the Valtellina trail” is a modern adventure that takes place between Lake Como and Bormio, passing through Morbegno, Sondrio, Tirano and Grosio, with one moral: friendship wins over everything. The characters, seven boys of different ages, in search of an elusive treasure, walked the Valtellina path and immortalized the Ganda bridge, the vineyards, the red train on the Brusio Viaduct, the Rock Engraving Park and finally the Stelvio National Park.

The cartoon available on YouTube

The cartoon, available on Webtek YouTube channel ( v = SchmKDvyhG4 & t = 7s), fun and colorful, technically very accurate, made with film-making and motion graphics professionals from the partner Watermelon, condenses the experience of the two weeks of «Webtek Kids Camp». A memory that the children will carry in their hearts: technology and territory, commitment to the realization of the cartoon and exits along the Sentiero Valtellina, followed by two professional trainers from the Cooperativa Grandangolo and the communication and marketing manager Veronica Maccani, with the entire Webtek structure to support .

Discovering that new technologies are able to make our lives more pleasant and comfortable and that even a walk in nature to discover the beauty of our territory is irreplaceable. To conclude that “together is more beautiful” and that “the most precious treasure is friendship”, the most significant phrases that they themselves have included in the comic.

Meeting with the institutions

The camp was characterized by the timing of a program studied in every detail: the welcome in the morning, the group work, the game, the lunch all together, the walks and again the commitment to the realization of the cartoon. The participants, who live in different areas of the province of Sondrio, also had the opportunity to present the ideas developed during the camp in the two meetings they had with the mayor of Poggiridenti Giovanni Piasini and with the president of the Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio Tiziano Maffezzini, who with great availability accepted the invitation of the president of Webtek Emanuele Piasini.

Mayor Piasini admired the drawings inspired by the excursions on the Sentiero Valtellina, by the landscape and by encounters, real or dreamed. Each child illustrated his drawing to the mayor: the Adda, the vineyards, the meadows, the cornfields, the animals. The mayor complimented them and promised them that the drawings will be exhibited in the municipal rooms to be visible to all.

To President Maffezzini, the children told about their experiences on the Valtellina path and presented their ideas, more or less practical, to improve its use: bike and scooter rentals, information panels, watchtowers, water games, but also children to play with and treasures to find. President Maffezzini especially appreciated the spirit of initiative that animated the participants in the camp and the ideas illustrated through a series of drawings. A good conclusion for the activities carried out: the children had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the institutions for an exchange of knowledge and projects that made them responsible for the role of active citizens who care about their territory and are committed to improving it.

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