2 million euros awarded to the Puglia region to strengthen assistance to female victims of violence – PRESS REGIONE

2 million euros awarded to the Puglia region to strengthen assistance to female victims of violence

The Regional Council took note of yesterday’s meeting” total allocation of 2,045,162 euros regarding the distribution of the resources from the “Fund for policies relating to rights and equal opportunities” for the year 2021, to be allocated to the financing and strengthening of forms of assistance and support for female victims of violence and their children through homogeneous strengthening of the network of local services, anti-violence centers and support services for female victims of violence.

In particular, according to the Ministry of Welfare, €736,655.50 will be allocated to support and strengthen private anti-violence centers and €610,506.50 to support and strengthen existing crisis centers. Within these resources, the second-level shelters already in operation, managed directly by the anti-violence centers, were also found sustainable, also thanks to the funding of the former DPCM: these structures aim to gradually support the transition phase towards complete housing women’s autonomy also through the co-housing formula. 250,000 euros must be used for measures for housing support, job reintegration and more generally for accompaniment on the roads to escape from violence. The intervention “Dote for empowerment and autonomy” aims to develop and support actions aimed at promoting pathways to employment and housing autonomy for female victims of violence cared for by anti-violence centers, in an integrated way with other services in the local anti-violence network. The main goal will be primarily for unemployed or unemployed women whose personal project to escape from violence includes retraining and job placement, but also for employed women whose personal project results in an improvement of the economic and professional condition. In terms of housing autonomy interventions, the target will be women who are cared for by anti-violence centers and/or discharged from shelters, who do not have housing or whose housing has become impractical for personal safety reasons. 60,000 euros will be allocated to projects also targeting minor female victims of violence and minor victims of witnesses of violence: interventions to support the Apulian municipalities where special orphans and their foster families are present, already responsible for the relevant services; 120,000 euros will be used to strengthen the network of services through the consolidation or activation of counters / listening points for regularly authorized CAVs, to make the presence of the service more widespread and guarantee anti-violence protection in the areas still lacking; 80,000.00 euros must be used to strengthen the network of services through the identification of 2 houses for the first emergency situation, of a temporary nature, to be set aside for the protection of women, alone or with children, victims of violence whose risk assessment is medium-high; 68,000 euros will go to information, communication and training actions; 120,000 euros for programs aimed at violent men

“Most of the interventions envisaged in this programme declares the councilor for welfare – in addition to being specific objectives of the regional plan of social policies, they are the result of the consultation that involved all managers of the CAV and of the first and second reception homes, and which led to the preparation of the gender agenda. Together with the representatives indicated by the anti-violence centres, two meetings were held to plan the activities in the second year of the communication plan and a detailed operational proposal submitted to the Sports Department of the Puglia Region for the organization of a cycle of events that will take place from October to November 25 and which will involve a significant number of sports associations. It is the first time that the region addresses the world of sports in the awareness of the potential that lies in it for the number of participants in terms of the goals of raising awareness of the subject and prevention”.

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