The school of emotions: because play is serious business

By Barbara Riccardi

The school of emotions. Ambarabà cicci put three owls on the dresser and made love to the doctor’s daughter, the doctor got sick, ambarabà cicci put … Creativity had to sell the inventor of this infamous nursery rhyme, and later take on the appearance of counting that has always accompanied us all since the time of my parents. From what comes the idea of ​​making love with three owls with the doctor’s daughter, who then inevitably fell ill. Is it a perverse or highly ironic mind that, to entertain children, has put together many words without making any sense out of them? But the fact is that for years Ambarabà cicci cuddled is in the top 5 of the counting used by children. The important thing is the result, to make a breakthrough by igniting interest and curiosity. We talked about this in the post of The school we dream of, published on Tuttoscuola e dedicated to the school of emotions.

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A creative and joyful environment creates curiosity, activates attention and produces the best results. This is the school of feelings, where I mirror myself and wear my clothes as a teacher “out of the choir”, far from the usual canons of doing and being a teacher in school. Exciting is an art where I lay bare my feelings, without masks and embellishments, and become a loyal ally with my traveling companions, my boys, where I learn from them and they from me.

The school of emotions: play while you learn

School of Emotions, because play is serious business! Playing while learning: which is better? If I’m having fun, the students are having fun too. Why the game? Because at school, as a child, I did poorly, not because there was anything wrong with me, but because I was bored at school, and also because it was also a form of defiance towards my parents, who were always at work, and I wandered around. … grandfather to grandfather, experiencing the feeling of abandonment with the fear that they would separate.

When I was a child, in the evening, as soon as mom and dad came home from work, we played “at school”: I played the role of the teacher, and my parents were the students. I repeated the daily routine in detail about what I had done during the day in class. Only now in hindsight could you see from here the trace of what I would one day become.

A school of emotions where head and heart are connected, where children are the main actors in being a school with a capital S. This is my magic wand that has the magic of expanded creativity associated with knowing how to write, read and calculate and experience. And the program? It comes by itself. From time to time it takes shape according to the needs and requirements of the day, after opening a debate with an open heart, purified discussions in circles. The boys have given this moment the nickname “good morning life saver”, where everyone is free to vent their good and bad thoughts, where they can find comfort and common solidarity. But there is a pact between us: What is said must not come out of our “lifeguard” for the utmost respect for the secrets revealed and the confidences revealed.

Good morning starts in the morning, so after saving what can be saved from perilous and tangled situations, let’s move on to Weather in my Mood / Feelings, which allows us to weave solutions to help everyone.

The discovery of the weather for mood/emotions was dazzling thanks to a cooperative learning course that I followed for 3 years, lecturers by professors Michele Lapiccirella and Stefano Scippo, the Merlini wizards to be middle school teachers.

The weather in my mood / feelings has become our bulwark by integrating it and adapting it to our needs, so that the children in the classroom experience it as a chance to reveal themselves in all their splendor, in the authenticity of their feelings, and openly demonstrate who they are and what they feel. All emotions are associated with the weather: full sun, cloudy, rain, storm and last but not least the rainbow, as extreme happiness. Each one describes their state of mind through the drawing and then goes on to tell their mood, the cause, the cause and the end that they would like to realize as real meteorologists.

The weather in my mood / feelings becomes a treasure map that allows us teachers to find the right key to “enter” their thoughts and understand the fears and problems that disturb students, to help them face the day of the best ways. . To find, together with his companions, solutions and methods of intervention on Grey’s Anatomy, an emergency room 24 hours a day, the lifesaver that sustains and supports in bad times and not only.

To be able to be all this, I can only draw my best weapons in respect of my role, create a peaceful environment in full well-being: the best smile, the touch of a hug, a caress when I face the work on the white sheet , a compliment that allows you to raise the level of self-esteem, the magic formula of kindness in respect for people and things, rules and duties, values ​​and feelings. Strengthen their character by learning irony and self-irony as a form of intelligence to overcome difficulties and laugh at them while playing.

Over time, thanks to the many experiences I have gained during my life and mainly thanks to them, my children yesterday, today and I hope for tomorrow, I have learned to be the teacher who becomes happy to see children run to the sound of the bell at the school entrance to be the first. This is the greatest satisfaction for those who teach, the happiness on their faces without “stomachache”.

To give the right measure to the results that a school that works emotionally generates, it is necessary to directly hear the reflections of the protagonists, what they have to say about the feelings that swirl between experiences and research, investigations and reflections, for a growth. aware of what they are worth and what they are good at. Highlighting the skills that everyone has that invests in the growth of the class group to the benefit of those in difficulty becomes the lifesaver of a VI that expands to many MEs.

Sofia: At school I feel very happy because we have fun while teaching.
Samuel: What I like about Meteo is that we get our feelings out because we write and draw them. I like school because we play foosball and learn many things that make us curious.
Alice: I like Meteo, it’s my mood, to be able to express myself through a sheet of paper.
Irene: I like to learn by playing lessons together; of the weather in my mood I like to write how we feel and are able to solve the problems we have.
Ettore: I like giving lessons because we do a lot of fun things. The weather is good, but I don’t enjoy it so much because I don’t like to talk about my feelings.
Mario: This idea of ​​the weather in my mood is nice because we can describe our feelings with the weather so that our classmates, friends and even teachers can understand what our mood is and share if we are happy, sad, angry or with others emotions.
Leo: What I like most about my mood is that when a person is sick, we can help them change their day and make them beautiful together.
Sara: About the weather in my mood, I like the way we let off steam through writing and at school I like the teaching method which is very fun !!
Erica: I like the weather in my mood because it lets us let off steam and release our emotions.
Veronica: I like my mood Meteo because you can express what you feel inside or if you are happy you can express it by writing it in your own words, say the reason and you can let others know. This makes you even happier.
Andrea: Del Meteo I like to write my feelings and then communicate them to other classmates and to be in school together. I like that while we study we play.
Rayen: I like that the weather takes away the anger and doesn’t get angry. Being at school is a lot of fun!!
Flippo: Emotional weather is a beautiful thing to me because teachers know how we feel and we can solve problems together. The games I like are: foosball and working outside, only these days we can’t because it’s always raining, and I also like it when we go and play with third grade kids because we organize games for them and we are their teachers.
Gaia: I like the weather of emotions because I can express my positive and negative emotions.
Arianna: I like the weather of emotions because I can draw and tell my stories.

Thank you from VB, witnesses to my current training intervention. Was it profitable or did I destroy you? Our “play” together has given you the opportunity to be children now and then adults tomorrow in the working world, skilled and competent, recognizable by the irony and smile that you will show in any situation, good or bad, always with your hand outstretched help for the disadvantaged.

The school of emotions? Absolutely promoted!

The school we dream of is a school of feelings: that’s what we’re talking about

There the school of emotions is one of the models that we have presented in our project “The school we dream of”.

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