The pandemic is alive, Covid cases are increasing and the first quarantines for monkeypox: thank God the schools are closed!

Infections from COVID-19 seems to repeat the trend of the summer of 2021: the green light, with very few restrictions, produces a slowdown in the number of cases in Italy, which actually returned to almost 65,000 per day (with almost 200 victims). The reason would be linked to the greater contacts between people during the holidays. And probably also to the mutation of the virus and its subvariants. The latest is called Centaurus. If the situation were to be confirmed in these terms even in a month when schools reopen, it would be a big problem. Even more so because the unresolved issues that will arise again in September are already many.

Professor Galli expresses caution

Massimo Galli, former director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, also thinks so, according to whom “the only favorable factor is that children do not go to school”.

Furthermore, he explained, “what we know about this sub-variant from the experience in India is that it has spread 13 times faster than Omicron 5. However, we are talking about a different country than ours, and the data cannot be ‘imported’ directly”.

The statistician: slow the decline

The latest analysis of the increasing trend of the virus was by the mathematician Giovanni Sebastianifrom the Institute for Calculus Applications’ M. Picone ‘, from the CNR: “in the majority of 107 Italian provinces – says the statistician – there has been a slowdown in degrowthif not the beginning of a phase of stasis ”, notes Sebastiani, also explaining that “ the geographical distribution of the provinces involved does not present ‘poles’ and almost all regions are involved ”.

Among the provinces with the highest incidence values ​​in the last seven days (number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants) are Fermo with 1,040, Macerata (920), Vicenza (870), Ancona and Padua (860).

On the treatment front, the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) gave the go-ahead for the use of the monoclonal antibody Evusheld (tixagevimab and cilgavimab) in the early treatment of SARS-CoV-2-infected individuals at risk of a severe form of COVID-19. Until now, the drug has only been available for pre-exposure prophylaxis in high-risk individuals.

Monkeypox: Asymptomatics go to school

But there is also another form of infection that you probably have to worry about: it is that of monkeypoxwhich, according to the Ministry of Health, already concerns 505 cases in Italy, with an increase of 26 cases compared to the last survey four days ago.

Infection continues to develop almost exclusively among men (501) compared to only 4 cases among women.

Always The Ministry of Health has issued a circular indicating the possibility that close contacts may resort to quarantine.

While contacts asymptomatic who monitor their status properly and can regularly continue routine daily activities such as going to work and go to school: in both cases, quarantine is not necessary, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Lazzaro Spallanzani Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome is waiting for the EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use to complete the study to extend the use of the smallpox vaccine Imvanex to also include monkeypox, to be ready to go with the vaccination.

However, it will always be up to the Ministry of Health to express the recruitment methods with the criteria for defining the audience and specifying the age groups. The vaccine, the Lazio region explained, provides a first dose and a booster to be administered after an interval of 2-3 months.

In the United States, where pandemic phenomena are almost always expected, defensive measures are being introduced, especially in California and in the state of New York, which has declared a health emergency.

Across the United States there are 1,345 cases, but in New York alone, according to Mayor Eric Adams, 150,000 people are at risk of being infected.

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