the outfit created with plastic document holders

The garment, a corset bodysuit, is the work of an up-and-coming Australian designer unearthed by the superstar’s stylist team, who has just entered a stunning new phase of fashion.

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The 2022 season will (also) be remembered as the return to the stage for Beyoncea comeback that many can be happy about, from the admirers of her music to the huge audience of admirers of the style of the queen of pop (of soul, R&B and so on and so forth), universally recognized like a fashion icon which boasts very few rivals. The amount of reviews of the numbers of Renaissancethe seventh studio album by the American singer, can only compete with the number of look analysis proposed by the global pop star who, along with the new music, is committed to launching one in the world new picturemore extraordinary and imperiala goal achieved with couture touches and creations of new brands, such as a body made with recycled plastic from a document holder.

The jersey is made from recycled plastic

If the name of Bethany Cordwell it won’t tell you much, it’s not because you’re not very well versed in fashion. In fact, the Australian designer, the founder of the eponymous brand, is now taking his first steps in the fashion that matters, an expression that sounds quite inappropriate when these correspond to a photo shoot with a global star of Beyoncé’s caliber. It is a daydream experienced by the designer from Brisbane – the capital of Queensland, Australia – who, thanks to his work experience in a office supplies storehad the brilliant idea to create outfit made with fragments of recycled plastic. Specifically, the scenography strapless bodysuit and with a straight neckline with a black and white pattern worn by Beyoncé with earrings and sunglasses in a bold coordinated design, it is the result of a month’s work, a period the designer spent hand-cutting the plastic of some briefcases, which were then sewn to create a feathery effect.

Beyoncé’s stylist team


Beyoncé unveils the cover of the new album, she performs as Lady Godiva

The technique is certainly not new to high fashion garments, often unique pieces, the result of experimentation with materials and fabrics; Plastic in particular plays the role of special observer in this era, where the responsibility to protect the environment weighs among the youngest designers, and this is probably one of the reasons why Cordwell’s beautiful creation was attractive to Beyoncé stylistsa team consisting of many figures, among which appear Marni Xenophon, KJ Moody, Zerina Akers, Vance Gamble and Damien Lloyd.

Ultra free of it Queen bee


Beyoncé’s new single is “Break My Soul”

While Bethany Cordwell still struggles to believe she was part of such a resonant project with her creation – an adventure she admits would have no place even in her wildest dreams, the Australian designer’s brand is beginning to emerge on the most authoritative fashion magazines in the world, on a list of names that includes the most prestigious fashion houses of all time. Not only Schiaparelli, Mugler, Balenciaga or Tiffany & Co., if we talk about gems, but also many names still in underground panorama of fashion that enjoys enormous visibility thanks to the invaluable work of stylists, whose ability lies precisely in seeking the best among those who have talent but a small chance to emerge.
The result is stylistic mix more than explosive of new Beyoncé enters the fourth decade of his career riding one holographic horse covered only with charms and thin chains – the appearance of the cover of Renaissanceiconic since its first disruptive appearance on social media – a choice that says a lot about its current fashion phase that responds to only two rules: ease and freedom.

After the recording of the album and the spectacular for the British edition of Vogue, the highlight of the July issue of the magazine, you can literally expect everything.

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