The new center for art and design in Cape Verde: all the features

On Saturday 30 July, Cape Verde’s National Center for Crafts, Art and Design was inaugurated in Mindelo. Here’s everything you need to know.

Architects Eloisa Ramos and Moreno Castellano, partners in work and a couple in life, restored the new Museum of Art and Design in Cape Verde and then inaugurated it on July 30, 2022. Including all news and features about the new center for art and design.

The rebirth of the Museum of Art and Design in Cape Verde

The Museum of Art and Design in Cape Verde City was born in Mindelo, the port center of São Vicente, an island in the archipelago. It is an old colonial house where Cesária Évora recorded her first disc, which today has been renovated and restored to become the new Cnad, Cape Verde’s National Center for Crafts, Art and Design, inaugurated on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The authors of the project are the architects Eloisa Ramos and Moreno Castellano, founders of the Ramos-Castellano studio and a couple in life.

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The history of the center through the words of the architect Moreno Castellano

“The idea of ​​the restoration of the Center for Art and Design was born by chance. The center was born in 1977 at the will of great local artists such as Manuel Figueira and Bela Duarte. Since 1979, he had settled in a building of emblematic value for our country: it is a colonial house that was born as the residence of Senator Augusto Pereira Vera-Cruz, which over the years became a secondary school and later the seat of the historic Radio Barlavento : this is where Cesária Évora recorded her first album. One day Irlando Ferreira, the manager of the center, asked us almost as a joke if we had a solution to improve the building. The answer was immediate the idea of ​​a new architecture, a museum that could represent the culture of Cape Verde“.

The Museum of Art and Design in Cape Verde: the culture of recycling

The project is made with a raw material that the archipelago can boast of in large quantities: metal barrels, which are used to send and receive goods from all over the world. The inhabitants of Cape Verde regularly receive clothes, food and other material goods. Empty drums should not be wasted, but opened and turned into sheet metal to cover houses or processed to obtain pots and knives. As Castellano explains. “The recycling culture is part of life on these islands. Considering the very limited budget allocated to the museum project, the need to distribute work and money to as many local artisans as possible and the great availability of trade barrels, the idea of ​​using them as raw material for restoration seemed perfect to us ».

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All the functions of the center for art and design

The building’s outer wall is made up entirely of three thousand barrel lids, restored and colored, with each color corresponding to a note. It is a kind of musical score that, if played, reproduces a piece written by Vasco Martins, a musician and composer from São Vicente. The museum looks an architectural project where Africans and Europeans have created a unique culture capable of ‘tickling the conscience and creating a local identity’.

Pills of curiosity – I didn’t know that. And you?

  • The Cape Verde archipelago lies about 500 kilometers off the coast of Senegal and has a population of 563,000.
  • According to the National Statistics Institute, tourism in Cape Verde increased by 7% in the third of 2019 and overnight stays by 3.7% compared to 2018. The data indicates that the hotel companies received more than 765,696 thousand guests and approximately 4.9 million overnight stays, this translates into in increases of 7.5% and 3.9% respectively compared to the same period the previous year. Statistics show that hotels account for 87.0% of total revenue, followed by guesthouses at 4.5%, guesthouses at 3.8% and resorts at 2.7% respectively. The island of Sal has the highest reception (45.5%), followed by the island of Boa Vista (29.4%) and Santiago (11.7%).


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