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The first edition of the Salani Publishing competition linked to the “Readers become” project and supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation with a contribution of 15 thousand euros and 1,333 volumes donated to schools was won by the 2nd A class of Pralungo as a part of the project “Muse alla tavle”.

The project has made it possible to bring children closer to reading, stimulating their critical sense and creativity through workshops and meetings with several authors, including Marco Alverà, Matteo Bussola, Gherardo Colombo, Martina Fuga, Sofia Gallo, Marco Ponti, Andrea Vitali, Andrea Dallafontana and Olimpia Medici. The book chosen by the winning class for the titles combined with this shortlist of authors was “A Summer in Refuge” by Sofia Gallo, from which the students drew a highly original review couched in Dante’s rhyme that convinced the jury.

These are the names of the guys who created the winning work: Maria Giovanna Versaldo, Nicol Mazzia Piolot and Marco Canu. A victory that came as a bit of a surprise to the school, now over and even more appreciated in a very special year, and which was also an opportunity for reflection for students and teachers on the road that led to this result. In fact, there were numerous projects dedicated to reading during the year with different teachers, including Prof. Hary who accompanied them to be protagonists through the streets of the center of Biella with the creation of covers of texts made in maxi format, and with boys transformed into sandwich men who tell their own story in the first person, the one from the chosen book, for the “I read why” initiative; protagonists again with the report obtained for the annual edition of “Class Readers” thanks to the first class, assisted by Prof. Urban.

The path of the Salani project involved classes II and III choosing the novel “A summer in refuge”, a book for children full of meaning, which accompanies a teenager in an important moment of change and growth that took place in an arc of summer: drawing and writing work on the text has been carried out; much has been said about nature, the environment, the mountains, its beauty and its problems, which are more and more urgent and have to do with its respect and protection; the teacher. Hary then organized a very interesting meeting with the former student of Pralungo Lorenzo Bozino, today in force in the financial police mountain rescue and with the head of the Rivetti refuge Alessandro Zoia. Then a big day took place where the three classes in unison (in checked shirts and a whole school equipped and dressed as a mountain retreat) had the pleasure of hosting Sofia Gallo; welcomed among mountain songs arranged by Prof. Garbaccio, among various tools typical of the shelters and a real rock gymnasium built with the help of Prof. Cassardo spoke about his text, his great passion for the mountains and interacted with the boys and fascinated them in more than an hour.

And then the unexpected festive ending: “In the middle of the summer, the big news catches us almost unprepared: 2nd A class, thanks to the three boys mentioned (but the whole class had worked, as well as the third), winning the prize of the Salani competition ; to tell the truth, the class, which worked using the school’s outdoor area, did not need any special help or precautions from the teacher in the realization of the review of the text – explains the professor in question Giovanni Antonini – the students were able to to express their own competence and imagination in absolute freedom; it was then difficult to choose the text to be sent to the competition. The boys’ skill in composing it in the “Dante” style probably had the merit of winning over the jury; the result is really tasty but also mature, all must read.”

Also enthusiastic was the comment of the writer Sofia Gallo, who commented: “Clearly, the welcome of the boys and girls from Biella schools and the beautiful surrounding villages that I could visit is something that cannot be forgotten. Reading a book does not lead always for such a lively, intelligent and interested exchange as took place in these, unfortunately always too short, moments.For this I thank everyone, first of all those who contributed to writing the review, but also all the other students , older and younger, who surprised me with their curiosity and their genuine and deep sensitivity. And I thank Marta Maglioli and the members of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation, all the teachers and librarians who hosted and accompanied me with great availability and kindness. I hope that reading will follow boys and girls through the years as a business, as inspiration, as knowledge, as fun and as a desire to feel good about oneself and others. A book is a friend that never betrays, which renews itself every time you read it, which grows and changes with us. So many thanks and my best wishes to see you again with new suggestions, new criticisms, new ideas … “.

Editor Salani was also very pleased with the words of the editor-in-chief Mariagrazia Mazzitelli: “We are particularly happy to have awarded a class that is within a context of great activity and commitment from the area’s professors and cultural mediators. class that we have rewarded for the originality of the paper , for the gift of synthesis, a very rare quality in producing lyrics and for the irony and fun that you hear leaking from the words, all well done and congratulations!”

Book review “A Summer at the Refuge”

In the middle of my sophomore year, I found myself engrossed in reading a truly amazing book about the mountain; oh how quick was the reading, of this book inviting and beautiful and so cheerful that the author I loved for her skill; it is so bitter to have ended it, but to deal with the pleasure I found there, I will say all the things that I liked you. I know how I read it in one afternoon, it was so engaging that at that time I continued my journey with my mind. But then when I reached the end, where “the end” brought the page that made my heart so happy, I looked at the bookcase behind me and looked for, with nimble and slender movements, another text about mountain, peak and valley. Then it was my little quiet anxiety, for the pain that had lingered in my heart, that I spent the night happy again. And like those who, with a hungry stomach, after leaving the school at the bell, turn to the gate with the bag embraced, so my soul, still suffering, found a beautiful book on alpine mountains, flew again between forests and lakes blue. Practice, when you walk in high fantasy, you pass forests, rivers and dangerous passes, you will never forget amazing landscapes.

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