The jury for ADA 2022 has been revealed

03/08/2022 – The jury for ADA 2022the design awards promoted by Archiproducts.
The leitmotif of the seventh edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards continues to want to track, together with the protagonists of international design, the status quo of the international creative scenario thanks to a privileged look at the meeting between designers and manufacturers, creativity and innovation, and on the synergies that that gives shape to objects.

Among the novelties of the 2022 edition is a trophy for the winners of the “Sustainability” Special Mention and the new faces of the jury, increasingly heterogeneous, multifaceted and multidisciplinary, consisting of 40 of the most influential names in global creativity, who will choose the winners and special mentions .

The ADA 2022 jury will evaluate the candidate products according to their own personal vision for design, rewarding the search for innovative and sustainable solutions, the ability to define or foresee usage scenarios, and the relationship between production and design.

Among the new entries of the ADA 2022 jury: the Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus; Enrique Vela, director of Olson Expert Interior; the designer and urban planner Dominique Petit-Frèrefounder and creative director of Limbo Accra, a collaborative space design studio dedicated to architectural projects, art and urban installations in West African cities; the architect Massimo Rojfounder and CEO of CMR projecta company specialized in integrated design that has been dealing with flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly architecture since 1994.
And again the French architecture and design studio RDAI, with Artistic Director and General Director Denis Montel and Executive Director Julia Capp; the designer and creative director Gabriel Key; the American architect and designer Felicia Ferrone, founder of the brand FFerrone Design; the Italian designer Andrea Mancuso, soul of the Analogia Project; the designer of Nigerian origin Nifemi Ogunro who with his work tries to build a bridge between design, social issues and sustainability and the Spanish digital artist Andres Reisinger.

The ADA 2022 Jury panel will also be joined by Chris and Oliver Laugsch, founders of Welcome Beyond, the renowned online platform for booking boutique hotels and holiday homes; and the Italian illustrator Emiliano Ponziknown for his essential and almost metaphysical style and for his important collaborations with international magazines such as la Repubblica, The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone.

Among the names reconfirmed in the jury is Yama Karim, partner of Libeskind study; Ben Van Berkel, co-founder of UNStudio; Pitsou Kedem; Edoardo Tresoldi; Francine Houben founder of Mecanoo; Michael Anastassiades; Giovanna Castiglioni; Domitilla Dardi and the duo Quincoces-Dragò.

The Sustainability Jury
The candidates for the “Sustainability” Special Mention will be evaluated by experts in eco-design and sustainable design, including Boeri Architects, Mario Cucinella, Carlo Ratti, PROWL Studio, Giulio Bonazzi, Chairman and CEO of Acquafil SpA, And Kasper Guldagerco-founder of Home. Earthrecently appointed president of the development of European standards for circular construction.

This jury will be asked to evaluate the brands committed to minimizing polluting emissions and the product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle by using sustainable and recyclable materials.


The call for entries for the 2022 edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards is officially open!

The products deemed worthy will be awarded the title “Winner” for 14 categories – Furniture, Bathroom, Kitchen, Outdoor, Office, Contract, Lighting, Decor, Finishes, Coatings, Construction, Technology, Building Materials – and receives the iconic ADA Award, a sculptural object inspired by ‘Mobius strip’ designed by the Spanish studio MUT Design specifically for the Archiproducts Design Awards.

Each brand can nominate from 1 to 5 products, from furniture to lighting, from contract to construction.
The deadline for registration is 16 September 2022.
In October, the Longlist will be announced, that is, the selection of the proposals destined to access the final stage of the award.
The winners will be announced in the first week of November.

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