School competition, without the rankings is chaos. And for the precarious in addition to the injury insult

Reduce uncertainty to provide stability to the school. It was the purpose of the competition to recruit teachers to be allocated to the primary and secondary schools, i.e. the joint and support positions of the middle and upper secondary schools. However, the errors found in the written tests, the delays in the implementation of the oral tests and the difficulties in putting together the commissions have meant that the rankings for some classes in the competition have not yet been published. Thus, even those who have passed the tests wait another year, and the didactic continuity for the students again takes a back seat.

“In addition to injuries, there is also insult,” explains Ivan Corrado, thirty years old, trained in History and Philosophy, who took part in the competition for the A19 class in Campania. “As things stand now, not only will I not be in the role for the year 2022/2023, but I have not even been able to dissolve the reserve to be included in the first band, among those qualified. With that result, that, despite having passed all the tests of the competition, I find myself exactly as I was a year ago: with the impossibility of working because, with little experience, I am among the last in the ranking of temporary workers ».

Corrado is not the only one in this situation. There are other teachers for whom the competition has become a missed opportunity due to purely technical delays that nullify the qualification achieved.

According to the Ministry of Education, consulted by L’Espresso, “these are marginal cases which concern a few competitive classes. The aspirants who had an interest in dissolving the reserve in the first GPS band (Provincial rankings for substitutes ed) have expressed for their needs and as far as we know this issue was resolved in time”. But there is no reliable data to demonstrate the actual number of teachers left without a ranking to refer to, so “the fog continues,” Corrado adds, exasperated. “I think it’s disrespectful to make people lose a year of their life. Especially since we’ve been waiting for the competition for years. I graduated in 2016, this is the first one that has been banned since then. I have invested a lot in preparation. The selection was tough. And now, because of a fault that I don’t have, I stay on the bench to watch’.

According to the teachers, there are several reasons for the lack of publication of the ranking list. In some cases, as for those who participated in the competition in Lombardy for the AD24 class – German as the second community language in high school – «the difficulties were in the formation of the commission: the teachers were not found. So the oral tests have not yet started, despite the fact that the written tests were held in April,” says one of the unfortunates, who prefers to remain anonymous. For others, the delay is due to the large number of candidates who must be assessed both on the basis of qualifications and on the basis of the grades obtained during the tests. Then there is the group of readmissions, which caused other slowdowns. These are teachers who have only been given access to the oral test after their scores have been recalculated, as the ministry has recognized errors in the questions for the written test.

For still others, the motivation is unknown. This is the case, for example, for the teachers in the competitive class A11 – Letters and Latin – in Sardinia. “The class was not subject to revaluation and the tests, written and oral, ended about a month ago,” complain the aspiring teachers. Who in a letter to L’Espresso asks to know why the location is latiti. The exchange of emails with the regional school office did not help. The former superintendent puts his hands up: “Nothing can be imposed on him in relation to the insolvency proceedings for which it will not be possible to publish the merit ranking in time”. Because, as confirmed by the Ministry of Education, “the competition and the updating of the GPS are two completely independent procedures, and there is no temporal consequence of one in relation to the other”.

But the catch remains. “The fact that the commissions have not been given a deadline to publish the lists of teachers who have passed the ordinary competition is part of the problem”, answers Andrea Degiorgi, representative of the Cobas school for Sardinia: “Because there is no correlation between the deadlines for entry into the role, access to the first bracket and the publication of merit rankings formalizing who has passed the competition This has created further inconsistency, as based on the region and the competition class they belong to, teachers can claim it obtained the qualification, and others did not “. The regional school offices could open new windows for the recruitment of teachers, but there is no guarantee that this will happen, and the decision would only make sense if the ranking was published before the end of August .

Degiorgi mentions another paradox: while the rankings for the A11 class are still missing after the tests have already been completed, those for the A41 class – Science and Information Technology – are being published instead. The teachers had the reservations for the first tape dissolved and will be able to participate in the posts in the role 2022/23, although those who were admitted late for the oral, due to errors in the writing, still have to take the test. “How are they going to put them in?” Is it taken for granted that they get a lower score than those who are placed in the role in the meantime?» asks Degiorgi.

The problem is that not all those who have passed the competition are chair winners. Some, those with the lowest scores between tests and qualifications, are qualified but not winners. And after qualifying to teach, they could pass in the first bracket of substitutes. However, given that some rankings have not been published by July 20, the deadline to dissolve the reservations, they will remain for another year in the same situation they were in before entering the competition.

“I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. The regular competition was banned in 2020, then due to Covid-19 postponed to 2022. When suddenly a real race against time began: they asked us to make family and personal commitments , the holidays, the life we ​​have built aside, aside these two years of waiting because the goal was to complete the procedures within the year. To get the new staff in the chair in September. And yet there are still no placements. For me this competition was the event of my life, says Francesca Deleo, who is 45 years old and is part of the A19 class in Sicily.

“There has been a difference in the treatment between teachers who will be able to enter the role because they have received the ranking in good time, and those who are waiting for them. But the problem runs deeper: for some competitive classes, the oral calendar is not yet known”, explains Silvia Casali from the Cobas school in Bologna. «In Emilia-Romagna, it concerns large groups of teachers like those in A22: Italian, history, geography, in primary school. This means that in September, as usual, it is the substitutes who have to cover the missing posts in the role. The point is that there is a need for teachers in schools, but there is no recruitment plan that takes into account the reality of the numbers, the different situations teachers come from and the rights of workers who have experience in the field ».

For Casali, the competition got off to a bad start and will be a flop in terms of employment. On the one hand, the chosen method of selection, that of the cross-hair test. “Flaws aside, one wonders if the system no longer obeys the goal of undercutting some of its competitors rather than hiring them,” argues Casali. As of 31 July 2020, the deadline for submitting applications, more than 430 thousand applications for 33 thousand places had been submitted.

Then there is the matter of merit. The numbers are also inflated by teachers who are already qualified and are only running for the post of chairman, “as in the case of support: those who had already passed the TFA participated (the active training internship, university course aimed at teaching qualification, ed. ). Each time, it seems that the possibility opens up to rehabilitate the school, which, however, in the end is always opposed thanks to the backs of the precarious”.

Because, as the then Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina wrote on social media, in 2020, the day when the government had found one of the many agreements on the modalities that should have reduced precarious work in schools, “the choices we make in today, have consequences. in the coming years. We have 78,000 teachers to be hired in the first and second cycles between ordinary competitions and extraordinary competitions. Among the aspirants there are also thousands of young people who have been preparing for some time and want to their opportunity to start teaching. These are important numbers and we need to act quickly. The school needs stability and planning. In the past, all this has been missing”. And the future can still wait.

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