residents exhausted by music and outdoor spaces. “We are suing the city for health damage” –

from Luca Caglio

Trip to the gay district of Milan. The Lazaretto Committee condemns the weekend crowds: «Walking on the pavements has become impossible even during the day. And how does an ambulance go? Too many sounds ». The managers answer: “We are in the center, thanks to us the houses have also been reassessed”

Arriving in via Lecco on a Saturday evening after 23.00 the snapshot is a large gathering outside the clubs. More than nightlife, figures. People sitting outside or standing with drinks in hand. There are no streams running to it Naviglinevertheless, the musical background mixed with buzz is still the most unwanted “guest” for the inhabitants of the labyrinth of streets behind Piazza Oberdan: Lecco, Castaldi, Palazzi, Settala, Tadino, Melzo. Bars in series and a few restaurants. And the church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto, where a street vendor stops outside: cocktails and cases that vibrate at a moderate volume. The carriageway, unidirectional and with outdoor tables to colonize parking spaces, disappears under the feet of the night’s residents. There is calm in the noise. Almost a model. The most animated element seems to be the DJ in the window of «LeccoMilano – Un buco di bar» (evocative name), then there are the tireless bartenders who quench the thirst for alcohol.

The audience consists of over 30s, mostly members of the nuanced community homosexual: two guys holding hands, some women showing the masculine version of themselves, rainbow flags and furniture to mark the territory. The apotheosis of identity was the gay “dressing” of the entire metro station in this noble district of Milan: Porta Venezia.

Horn. A car arrives from via Castaldi and must turn in via Lecco. Beep. The sound is the signal, the alarm that raises certain accusations. Bad nightlife? Horn again. The human barrier struggles to move from the pedestrian zone: it’s the “crowd” that drinks at “Mono”, a bar open since 2005 that deals (along with other clubs) with complaints from residents who are victims of insomnia. Because there have been crimes in via Lecco, like the January brawl with knives and glass bottles, but the chronic evils of the Lazzaretto district seem to be two: shouts tending to be noisy and high customer density in the “nightlife alley”.

Hard to keep the windows open some summer nights. “It has been like this since 2015, I went back to bed with the pandemic – thunders Elena Montafia, chairman of Lazzaretto’s residents’ committee -. Then the slogan of reclaiming space restored the chaos with the aggravating circumstances of pavements full of tables and chairs even during the day, real obstacles for disabled people. The situation is out of control and those who live here are exhausted: without our diplomacy there is a risk of reactions far more serious than the previous egg-throwing. And with all these crowds, if I call an ambulance, how will it get there? And why Milan must stay open 24 hours a day, just like that Ibiza? We are becoming the city founded on Spritz ».

The owner of “Mono”, David Rossi, responds in kind and confirms that the distance between residents and traders remains sidereal. “Why isn’t it said that thanks to the nightlife, the area has been reassessed along with the houses? Better quiet pushers and prostitutes? DJ sets? All abuse, the bars are not discotheques, nor do they play music outside. If you want to live in Porta Venezia, in the center, you have to take into account a certain vitality. The whores? After two years of work in spasms … However, we are not deaf to complaints: we have given ourselves some rules ».

In fact, around twenty merchants have signed a “good neighborliness” pact by joining the association Milan’s rainbow district. Among the compromises is the closing of the shops at 2. «Residents should names and surnames to party until dawn, – continues Rossi -. Someone also pays for a service securitybecause it is true that on very busy evenings there is a risk of infiltration by children who steal from the tables ».

And the municipality? After warning from six city committees requesting action against bad nightlife, including Lazzaretto, the mayor Room he never answered. “We will sue the administration – Montafia warns -, there are thirty of us, we are asking for compensation for health damage, the acoustic tests will show how the right to rest has been violated for years’.

Meanwhile, Municipality 3 has approved a resolution for a “more sustainable” nightlife. The document calls for the implementation of sound level meters for noise control through Arpa and Amat, but also limited traffic areas in the evening at the weekend. No to loudspeakers and loudspeakers. Yes to an aesthetic (and security) code for the better integration of dehors. “The real problem is the high concentration of people – explains the chairman of the municipality, Caterina Antola, which welcomes the order prohibiting (from 10 p.m.) the sale of drinks in glasses or cans -. The goal is to unite everyone’s needs, from the rest of the residents to the protection of the exhibitors who risked bankruptcy, but also the citizens’ desire to experience the city outside ».

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