Marsican Week, here are the appointments for Thursday 4 August 2022 »Terre Marsicane

Thursday 4 from 9.00 – John the Baptist in Ortona dei Marsi with the performance of the organ concerto by the Maestro Orante Bellanima

Friday the 5th from 9.00 – San Cesidio Trasacco e Santa Maria delle Grazie – Luco dei Marsi

Saturday 6 from 9.00 – Sanctuary of the Madonna of the East and Tagliacozzo

Reservations can be made at the Pro Loco headquarters in via Corradini 75

from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00 or on tel. 335.8088683.

ORdays Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 August from 18.00 to 00.24 starts the most tantalizing deal of the Marsicana week: lo STREET FOOD. There are about 25 tracks that will animate via Giovanni Cataldi. Street food is now a trend that has brought it to the big boom. Eat well and cheaply so that it can easily be consumed on the street: a practical and delicious alternative. It is now the consolidated proposal of Pro Loco, which has always achieved particular success with participation, for the quality and variety of the menus on the food tracks.

SPICY MARSICA it will develop along CorradiniAn unavoidable event for fans and not for the “prince of the table”, who during the four days will be able to find many potted plants, typical regional products such as the well-known black pig from Calabria from the Silano Nero di Calabria consortium, products from Salento etc. There will be a typical South American food to taste the many glowing recipes. A full immersion in spiciness, from the famous Calabrian anduja to spicy sauces, to chillies never seen before.

The display of the exhibition offered will enrich the event from the Italian Academy of Peperoncino di Diamantethat sponsors the initiative, called “Peperoncini dal Mondo” with around 50 kinds of fruit, from Calabrian peppers to the hottest in the world on the Scoville scale.

Until Sunday 7 August 2022 from 10 a.m. to midnight:

Corradini School GymArt exhibition “Astro.fluid_art” presented by Mattia Barbonetti. The exhibition contains an introspective journey of the artist and represents everything that man is afraid of. The exhibition of the works, made with mixed techniques, hides a tormented interior behind the bright colors.


16.30 – Sala Irti ex Montessori – the section “LOOKING INTO THE NOVEL”: presentation of the book: “The great Rome of the Tarquini” by Emma Pomilio “Tarquinia, six centuries before Christ. Lucumone, a young and ambitious Etruscan merchant, falls in love with the noble Tanaquil, a soothsayer and skilled interpreter of the signs of the gods…” gifts Giovanni Maria De Pratti.

17.00Piazza Risorgimento – CHILDREN’S ROOM department – Face painting: Baby dance, wood puppets Magibula an event dedicated to children, born in 1996 from the enthusiasm of some municipal administrators and residents of Colmurano, a small town in the province of Macerata. The bubbles fly, the children play, the parents smile… this and much more is the magical world of Magicabula.

18.00Piazza Risorgimento “BODY” section General fitness functional training, spinning, general physical activity “Vitamin fitness house” by Avezzano. Get back in shape while having fun in full harmony.

18.30 Piazza Risorgimento – CHILDREN’S ROOM department – Self-production workshop “Tomorrow in the hands“Learning to produce Bee Wrap, know Ambecò. Beep Wrap is a cotton cloth soaked in a mixture of beeswax, which becomes waterproof and flexible when cooled. It is used to preserve food and becomes an organic and eco-sustainable alternative to aluminum and plastic film.

18.30 Mazzini Arena – Testimony and memories of Romolo Liberals with musical interludes by the trio Return Road (G. Cannizzaro – A. Pietrosanti – C. Retico). With nostalgia and regret, friends and admirers of a man of such great human and intellectual depth have poured their feelings, their esteem into a book to celebrate the centenary of his birth.

9.30 p.m The marketplace: Folk songs and dances. Speakers:

folk choir”Fontamara“By Pescina, the Choir”collanelle” of San Pelino, the choir “Venturini” of Tagliacozzo, the polyphonic choir “Piano del Cavaliere“(Oricola, Pereto, Rocca di Botte).

Gifts Orietta Spera

9.30 p.mPiazza Risorgimento. Live Play Coldplay tribute band. Liveplay is the reference band in Italy and Europe in the Coldplay tribute. Born at the end of 2013, the live shows begin in the summer of 2014, with great success in terms of critics and audiences since the beginning. The basic idea is to overcome the concept of “simple tribute band”, offering the audience a show that is not only musical, but also visual and emotional, which can involve the viewer in 360 degrees. The sounds, the overwhelming energy, the breathtaking show and the continuous renewal of the band from Chris Martin & Co., are the great source of inspiration for Liveplay. Gifts Joy Cloisters

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