Election campaign, school and corruption are forgotten

The blabbermouths of all parties have begun to pontificate and explain to the educated and the inclined what they will do and to a lesser extent how they will do it. Few explain what they did or what results they got. The usual promiser’s policy to Mandrake (a cartoon character who was an illusionist by trade and used his magic stick to make fictional characters and situations appear).

Who more or less makes a disgusting list of things to do and openly questions the opponents (for some they are enemies) to blame them for what they have not done and forget their omissions. All this is happening because these blabbers do not know what ethics are or the moral duties that a high profile leader should have more than others, speaking with truth, awareness and competence.
Where are the parliamentarians who meet these requirements? A hundred million questions.

Remember, we don’t think it’s appropriate to make a bundle out of all the grass. Among the departing 945 parliamentarians, many are prepared, educated, intelligent and conscientious, as well as honest. But most do not have these requirements, unfortunately.
We have the impression that many citizens under the August sun will stop their ears and ignore the proposed topics; a kind of obsessively repeated litany without any construction.

Of course, we hope that does not happen, although – according to the opinion polls – only six out of ten citizens will vote, while everyone should go: ten out of ten. Each person who does not go to vote actually doubles the vote value of those who went there, so there is no way to concretely express their will.

According to a recent study, the phenomenon of abstinence is more marked in the lower part of the population than in the high or in the second intermediate. This is because a great deal of ignorance and unawareness of problems is prevalent at the low end, and dissatisfaction is felt because they are not brought to a solution.

There is two basic questions for our country is totally left out of these blabbers, who think with other people’s heads and not with their own, prefer to remain generic and repetitive, and repeat the little lesson studied several times in special equestrian circuses.
What are the two big problems in our country? The school and corruption.

The school: some of the above only that there has been a lack of financial resources, they cite that the teachers have fallen, but they do not express the core of the problem, which is the quality of these teachers and their ability to form good citizens.
I, who taught at an ITS (Højre Teknisk Institut) for twenty years, devoted almost half of my lessons to ethics, values, issues of general interest and only the other half to my subject, which was organization.

When I returned to my old school, I found about twenty teachers who had been my students and who received me with great affection. I was touched.

The question is thereforeor to form good citizens and townspeopleconscious and thinking, so they are in a state of to elect the ruling class with full knowledge of the facts who must then administer the country at its various levels.
But this activity is not suitable for the current mess of politicians, because they prefer to deal with ignorant and needy people, especially drunkards, because they agree to bullshit, shot with machine guns.

The other issue no one is talking about is corruption and the corresponding illegal work that makes millions of poor people appear, when in reality they are millions of bad citizens who earn without paying a euro of taxes, who corrupt and are corrupt, and who make our country look out what it is not.
The fight against corruption and illegal work is not on the agenda because the corrupt, tax evaders and traffickers vote.

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