Eight free things to do in August in Bergamo with children

G.The British invented the term stayit is “homemade” holidays, enjoying the beauty near us, without expensive and tiring journeys. A term that had little success during the Covid period, but has its raison d’être already now, especially if we are talking about activities with children (for whom, you know, traveling is an even greater stress). Do you have any idea what to do in Bergamo in August? I share mine to-do listor – to finally say it in Italian – one list of ideas things I actually want to do with my kids.

Let’s start with a track that will make you dream: 12 degrees. These are those – constant – of the interior of the Grotta delle Meraviglie in Zogno. Think of the excitement of having to bring a nice warm sweatshirt against the cold (and closed shoes suitable for walking, please). In addition, the cave is touristic and well lit, also suitable for children (not for prams, let’s not exaggerate). Entrance is in small groups and the visit lasts 45 minutes. My five year old has never gone into a cave and this seems like the most comfortable and best option to start with.

Cave of Wonders

Where is it: Via Caves of Wonders, 24019 Zogno (BG)
When: openings in August are: Sunday 7, 14 (at night), 28
Cost: Free, the visit is organized by volunteers (free offer)
Contact: Telephone 366 4541598; email giovanni@grottedellemeraviglie.com; website

The waterfalls are also a fascinating sight, for children and not only. The ones from Serio are among the highest in Italy but they are only open a few times during the year, so it is better to take advantage of them (here are openings and initiatives from 2022).

The spring of Serio is of natural origin, but with the construction of Barbellino dam in 1931 the flow of the river was interrupted to produce hydroelectric power. To get to the foot of the waterfall, you can start from the town of Valbondione, reach the village of Grumetti, take CAI path 332 in the direction of Borgo Maslana and walk along an easy path at about 400 meters of altitude, also suitable for children, then stop near the Maslana Floro-Faunistic Observatory.

Serious waterfall

(Photo Bonacorsi)

Where is it: Maslana Floro-Faunistic Observatory (but the falls can be seen from many points in Valbondione)
: Sunday 21 August from 11 to 11.30
: Available
: Telephone 338 999 9974; website

The waterfalls are beautiful, but it is not possible to swim in them. So where to go? There are swimming pools (some, for example those at Lake Iseo, are also very beautiful), but they do not meet the free criteria that we have given ourselves. Here is a list of Bergamo “beaches” designed by us at Eppen, most of which are also suitable for children. My favorites when traveling with small children are those of Endine lake (here the different options) because they are easy to reach, not too crowded, with lots of greenery, equipped with services and – above all – the water is suitable for swimming.

Where is it: Find out here
When: Continually!
Cost: Available

I understand that after talking about caves and waterfalls, it doesn’t seem like exciting advice, but there public library it really is the place to save any afternoon. Both when it’s raining and when it’s 40 degrees outside. In Bergamo we are quite lucky, because the public libraries almost always have places suitable for children, with books for them – of course – but also with soft corners, chairs and tables in their own size and everything needed to play and read with mom and dad (not to mention that they often arrange courses or readings with experts).

Of course, you have to know how to choose: it is definitely not the case to take a small child to Maj in Overbyen, but just go to Tiraboschi or on – just reopened – The Galizzi Library in Loreto to find everything you need.

Tiraboschi library

(Photo Bedolis)

Where is it: If in doubt, here is the website for the city library system
: here the details of the summer closure of the Bergamo libraries
: Free, of course!
: Here to ask for any info

Doll museum

(Photo Matteo Battaglia)

Where and when: here the link with all puppet theaters in August
Cost: Available
Contact persons: Telephone 035 225291; mobile phone 375 5477 303; e-mail info@fondazioneravasio.it

That Malpensata mini adventure park (here a video) I tried it with the family and it’s very nice for kids who want to try to make routes through the trees, without being demanding (it doesn’t require harnesses, it’s not too high, it doesn’t have anything dangerous) . Next to it we find the dog area and the urban gardens, in an attempt to recovery of a “difficult” neighborhood which seemed successful to me (I say this as a non-resident). In addition, Ermanno Olmi Kommunalpark offers every Friday until August 30 at 16.30 appointments for families, create opportunities for reading and storytelling. In case of rain, the activities will take place in a covered area of ​​the new Ermanno bar located in the heart of the park and managed by the Don Giuseppe Ferrari Cooperative.

Where is it: Malpensata
When: the small adventure park is always open and accessible, the Olmi park is open all day Saturday, closed on Sunday and open from Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Cost: Available
Contact: Here to ask for any info

I found two free plays for children, one at the beginning and one at the end of August. Wednesday 3 August at 20.30 in Bonate Sotto (courtyard of Via S. Sebastiano library), «Fish and bubbles», A show – part of the review« Looking up – without words, with clowning, magic and soap bubbles (from 3 years), is the story of a Sunday fisherman haunted by a malevolent cloud that waters him wherever he goes.

Wednesday 31 August at 20.30 in the beautiful open spaces in Summer Astino to the review «The children’s theaters“, They arrive ” The beasts » By Gek Tessaro. A show that takes its name from the homonymous book written and illustrated by Gek Tessaro, a story about insects and other small inhabitants of the meadow. An unusual theme, treated with rhythm and irony.

Fish and bubbles

The beauty of watching a movie with children outdoors: for this reason I made an exception to the criterion of free, but tickets are very affordable. Among the titles for families, I would like to highlight on Monday, August 1, a great classic: “They call me Trinity» With Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August «Fantastic Beasts – Dumbledore’s SecretsBy David Yates, with Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne. Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August the mythological «Thor: Love and Thunder» With Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Where is it: Via Santa Lucia, 14
When: Performances in August start at 9.15pm
Cost: Entrance 6.50 euros – reduced 6.00 for over 65 and under 26. Entrance further reduced with the carnet of 3, 6, 9
Contact: telephone 035 328828, website

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