Case Castagnoli, the former elementary school becomes “home” for CSI. A 5-man football pitch is also born

The former elementary school of Case Castagnoli in the Rubicone district will be the home of the Italian Sports Center (CSI) – Territorial Committee of Cesena. Having won the tender of the municipal administration for the management and use of the building in Via Pitagora 215, again within the “Common Space” network, the CSI of Cesena has begun the extraordinary maintenance work on him for a total investment of € 70,198.74.

“To date – sports councilor Christian Castorri comments – the Rubicone district does not have a gathering and sports center of this kind. In fact, Case Castagnoli’s former elementary school also has outdoor areas that can be used by the CSI and by the 9,000 members for the performance of multi-purpose sports. The creation of the ‘Common Space’ network, which took place in December 2021, allows us to make municipal buildings that are currently little used useful again. Specifically, the premises in Via Pitagora will be used by the CSI located in head of a group that also consists of other associations (Cesenati for Cesena, Circolo Schacchi Murphy, ASD San ​​​​​​Marco and ASD CSI). That way, in the coming months – continues the councilor – the District will be able to boast of a small sports centre, which in the future will become a point of reference for sports and thus for local associations”.

The project proposal from CSI aims to make the structure of the former School more functional to carry out the association’s sporting and administrative activities with a view to preserving the building’s historic-testimonial value. The premises on the ground floor will retain their current intended use (storage and multiroom), the premises on the 1st floor will be used as offices (east and south side) and meeting room (west side).

“Regarding this task – comments the president of the territorial CSI Renato Quadrelli – we have very high expectations. The CSI is present and active throughout the Cesena area, from Verghereto to Cesenatico, and has over 9,000 members. This office, which is easily accessible to everyone, will allow us to reorganize our administrative offices but also to plan all our activities. During these weeks we will continue to carry out some important maintenance works and we expect to be able to open our secretariat from the end of the month. Once the headquarters are furnished – continues the president – we will take care of the outdoor spaces that we can use in the future on the basis of a project similar to Cesena Sport City”. Creation of a 5-a-side football pitch for competitions and championships and a multi-functional platform to play different sports, these are the wishes of the Italian sports center in Cesena.

The “Common Space” network was established in December 2021 with the aim of strengthening the local community and creating links between the administrative bodies that meet the citizens in these spaces by offering cultural, artistic or recreational activities of a social nature. The main objective of the project initiated and promoted by the municipal administration in consultation with the districts is to create open and accessible places that aim to produce and promote, with a view to an open, accessible and spacious city, projects, actions and activities. aimed at urban society, also to build unprecedented alliances between collective subjects and individual citizens, through which one can involve each one in the socio-cultural and economic development of the territory. The subjects found suitable participated in the call by submitting project proposals that pursue general interests of relevance to the entire reference community. All property management and animation projects foresee forms of active participation from the reference community and will have a duration of nine years.

The coordination of the “Common Space” network currently affects: the former primary schools of Case Castagnoli, Villa Calabra, Capannaguzzo, Bulgarnò (ground floor), La Fiorita Social Center building, Oltre Savio Space, second floor of the building of Pievesestina, Bocciodromo , the renovated headquarters in the Cesuola district, the three buildings of San Martino in Fiume, Macerone and Case Castagnoli in the districts of Ravennate, Al Mare and Rubicone respectively.

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