Bedtime ritual for babies and children

Bedtime ritual for babies and children, how to put your children to bed by creating habits that make them calm

Bedtime ritual for babies and children

Anyone with children should have understood by now: rules are important. Everyone, adults and children, benefit from familiar situations and feel comforted by habits, and for children it is even more valuable. It is therefore a bedtime ritual for babies and children.

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Kids like the habit

The advice on imposition of rules they are not given to parents to embarrass them or complicate their lives. Rather, they are the basis for making things go right when they do sons. To have one bedtime ritual for babies and children it means reassuring little ones so they feel comfortable at bedtime and know what to expect, with no surprises. They know that after a certain gesture comes another, that once you are in bed, the night will pass quietly because everything has gone as it should have been. If you are convinced of the importance of rituals – or you are desperate because your children do not sleep and they have told you that rituals can help! – here are some tips to put them into practice.

Bedtime rituals for babies

The evening is approaching, itwitching hour: you will have noticed that for a few days your baby starts screaming around 18, 19, without being able to find peace. That bedtime ritual for newborns it therefore has to start a bit earlier, it’s actually more of an evening ritual aimed at calming him down and preparing him for a (hopefully) peaceful night.

So before you start crying and fussing, start turning off the lights in the house or turning them off. Avoid music, television, cell phone videos and distractions. Here is an example of an evening routine for infants:

  • always take a bath at the same time, repeat the same movements, for example just before dinner
  • put on his clothes for the night and explain that you are preparing him for the evening
  • before you go to bed, take it a moment together, with the lights off, in the room; this moment could also belong to the father, the important thing is that he is quiet, he can tell stories or sing songs
  • date the last breastfeeding then, while you hold him up, the burp (if he has not yet fallen asleep), begin to prepare him for sleep; say goodnight to everyone, to objects in his room, to soft toys, etc.
  • once in bed, some do cuddle extra and sing him a lullaby, then go out; if he cries, go back and soothe him

It is important to always repeat same movementsand it is important to store them even outside the home.

They don’t have to be, everyone finds their own rituals (say goodnight to the moon, the cat, pet the dog or say hello to the soft toy, or maybe tuck yourself into bed), but if you repeat the same actions over and over again again, the baby will not only recognize bedtime and it will be quieter, but it will also be felt reassured from something he knows.

Bedtime rituals for children

With children bigger, it is still important to keep precise rules. If they know what to do every night, it will be faster to go to bed, one advantage of adults and children: the first will finally be able to have some time for themselves, the little ones will rest as much as necessary.

THAT children’s rituals usually involves actions such as:

  • brushing teeth (you can use an hourglass to mark the time, it takes two minutes)
  • intimate hygiene if you haven’t showered
  • read a book together

In this case too, it can be useful to give it to the little ones good night for soft toys, toys, pets and the moon. Find the formula that suits you and export it.

When to leave i bedtime rituals? Never! The more you stick around, the better. For children it is an important point, keep forcing it on them and sharing it with them. Little by little they will give up some actions and others will be replaced, but the familiar gestures are reassuring even in the difficult phase of puberty.

Bedtime rituals are the best way to spend one quiet evening and a sleepy night: to newborns and ouch children they like predictability and feel reassured by habit. Create your family habits and you won’t regret it!

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