Barbiecore fashion trend: what it is and what it means

None.or, it’s not just about dressing up and putting on makeup like Barbie, wearing pink on full blast. Behind this aesthetic lies the desire to send very important messages.

True: the one Riddle official coincides with the photos taken on the set of the film Barbie directed by Greta Gerwing, starring Mattel’s iconic doll Margot Robbiewhile Ken has his face off Ryan gosling. But Barbiecore it was already in the air. For starters, the tie to the Y2K aesthetic, which has been raging for months now among Gen Z, is close. Then the protagonist sees the pink one in its most intense and vivid variations. And as you know, pink has (re)conquered us for a long time. Also thanks to Pierpaolo Piccioli who chose it as the new shade symbol of Valentino. Not only.

The barbiecore trend it is in many ways ironic, deliberately exaggerated, even irreverent. It is as if it expressed the desire for joy and ease that unites everyone after the health emergency that has brutally changed our lives for too long. It also carries very important messages which are revealed to those who know how to observe more carefully. That is why there are many celebrities And influencer they won and self-elected official ambassadors.
In short, after all, Barbiecore can seem somewhat superficial. Instead, it is not. For nothing.

Barbie inspired looks

Barbiecore is the girly aesthetic inspired by Barbie. First of all, therefore, there is the style of the famous doll. Which goes way beyond the pink color, albeit crucially. It is a kind of selection of outfits that identify the period between the end of the 90s And early 2000s.

Between key fobs we find mini dresses and mini skirts, t-shirts and short tops, velvet suits, tennis skirts, bodysuits, synthetic furs, cuissardes boots, platform shoes, sneakers. But also feathers, sequins, psychedelic and animal prints. And then a series charming accessories and eye-catching: from sparkling micro bags to heart-shaped sunglasses, from colorful bijoux in plastic and resin to chain belt. From hairbands to ultra-opaque tights and – of course – chromatic cheeky.

A 360 degree trend

But the Barbiecore trend isn’t just about the wardrobe. It also involves makeup, of course. Resulting in an abundant use of pink glitter eyeshadows or at least with very light shades, lip glosses, false eyelashes.
It concerns interior designHere is the triumph of bubble pink between (and on) living walls, but also pastel furniture, soft and abundant volumes, beds with important headboards, curtains in heavy and floral fabrics.

Marrying the Barbiecore aesthetic means favoring films from which sex and violence are prohibitedbe shoed on TV series from the 2000s how Lizzie McGuire And Hannah Montanawith a focus on female characters, which tells about good friendships between women and also focuses on girl power.
It means listening to music – just to give some examples – of Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Katy Perry. Artists endowed with great charisma are considered to be models to be copied and who at the same time appear “accessible”.

the message

Now it is certainly much clearer: the Barbiecore trend is not just a matter of aesthetics. And not even a pure “nostalgia operation”. Aim to stay an anthem for feminismby the beauty of diversityatinclusion. Breaking down stereotypes and prejudices (no, pink isn’t “stupid” like blondes aren’t). It puts the woman in the foreground, but at the same time it is as if she is also talking to men. Truly to all, regardless of gender.

Why have to remember it Barbie’s skin it has different colors, which Barbie did a thousand jobsbasically that it can be any person. It demands and deserves respect, beyond what it does and wears. Yes, even when it appears to lead to profit.

This is why Barbiecore is conquering especially Gen Z, but also Millennials. And that pink-fuchsia is a symbol, not a trend at the moment. IS a declarationlike Barbiecore itself.

A trend that gets people talking

Barbiecore makes people argue. And so it must be when it comes to constructive discussions. However, it should be noted that not everyone welcomes this trend with enthusiasm or at least with a positive spirit. Primarily there is a motivation that is simply related to appearance. The border between pop and kitsch, you know, it can be labile. Barbiecore often tends towards the other way, there’s no denying it, and it’s understandable that it might not like it. We cannot speak of sobriety, in more than one case not even of elegance. But then there is no such claim.

Then it goes deeper. In the sense that the messages conveyed are sacred, but more than some find some opposites. Because – and it is important to add – if it is true that Barbie can potentially be anyone, the Barbiecore aesthetic also identifies the lifestyle ofAmerican upper class, which can be attributed to a luxury that has fallen into the possession of several cars, of the private plane, of huge houses. Of horses and yachts. In short, the distance from “mere mortals” is often and often undeniable.

On the other hand, there is no lack of those who simply believe it Barbie is not the right figure as testimony – let’s call it that – to the ideas in question that the required shift in perspective is too drastic. Because it has actually started to do so look at it with completely different eyes. A stretch? The answer is subjective. But where it is written that ease cannot go hand in hand with commitment, and that the low profile could it be more … believable?

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