Baldassarre: “The horror contracts and the catalog of children, what is behind surrogacy”

Fiumicino – A special evening, with the lightness of the sunset over the sea and the harshness of deep arguments, such as those relating to surrogacy. A mix of emotion and politics that has shown how we can (and perhaps should) create space for reflection, social engagement, deepening even in contexts considered playful. Taking a few minutes to face the horrors of the surrogacy business doesn’t mean “burdening an evening” between cocktails and friends, but rather “filling it with content”.

This represented book presentation of the MEP Simona Renata Baldassarre “Underworld, Exploited Women and Sold Children”, organized by the Deputy Commissioner of Lega in Fiumicino, Stefano Calandrain the Coccoloco frigate location, on the Levante seafront.

Many people sat at the arranged tables on the beach, to testify to the interest in the subject and – if we want – even a return to talking about politics. In fact, the hon. Claudio Durigon, Lega coordinator for Lazio, Sergio Pirozziregional council member in the association, Tony Bruognoloresponsible for the South Rome League Province, Monica Picca, Lega commissioner at Fiumicino and of course Stefano Calandra.

Mario Baccini between Simona Baldassarre and Claudio Durigon

Among the guests to speak also Hon. Mario Bacciniwhich he received in the drawing of Durigon on the next candidacy for mayor of the city of Fiumicino at the municipal councils in 2023.

Political issues, the association’s commitment, the current situation before the election were mentioned, but we focused primarily on the main topic of the evening, namely thatuterus for rentmentioned European Moral Question.

AND’ a book reviewthe one signed by Simona Renata Baldassarre (foreword by Matteo Salvini introduction of Marcello Veneziani) that goes beyond stereotypes about the beauty of the act of adoption and sheds a sinister light on the market, illegal for our legislation, which is moving around; apparently only a market for the rich who can afford travel and reasonable numbers for “buying“Says Baldassarre,”your child“.

Moreover. From the study book it appears that almost all the women who agree to continue a pregnancy and then leave the unborn child in the hands of others are mostly destitute women. Economic violence may be behind these elections inability to survive in the absence of the promised money to act as a “container” for a few months. “It is not by chance – explained Baldassarre – that even feminist associations have stood up against the womb, in fact, which represents the unthinkable way of using the woman, of turning her into an object”.

Then there is the aspect, horrible to say, of the guest’s choice: blonde, brunette, with eyes of a certain color, to be more likely to “buy” the desired child. What if he is sick? It can be rejected, sent back to the sender, who does what he wants with it. In the book, it is said that these are not fantasies, but concrete cases: two twins, one healthy and the other sick, have been separated because of this.
Just as the psychological weight of these choices is highlighted, which they have even led surrogate mothers to commit suicide.

“Other than a gift, other than remuneration – said Baldassarre – Here we are talking about business without respect for women, for the unborn child; without any ethics. And it is strange that a country like Italy can host real baby fairs where they are fixed horror contracts by choosing from children in the catalog“.

Here was the evening organized by Calandra: a moment to reflect, an opportunity for politics to engage – in the legislative offices – at fundamental themes of man. And while you could enjoy the sunset over the sea, leave room for the thought of the darkness that many families are forced to live in a world that is hard to see. The world below, indeed.

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