Back to school, SIMA proposal: “Companies and individuals donate technologies to reduce Covid risk in Italian classrooms”

From the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) arrives a proposal for schools regarding the return to class in September: an appeal to “adopt a school”, or an invitation to companies and individuals to donate technologies to improve air quality in classrooms still struggling with covid.

There are just over 40 days left until the school year starts again, the third of the Covid era, writes SIMA, and there is still little or nothing moved on the measures that must be taken to limit the risk of infection of the coronavirus inside the classrooms . The guidelines for the optimization of the air quality in the school environment, drawn up by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and referring to specific experts to be identified within each school (but to date practically non-existent), assume responsibility for the management of Covid in schools on the Headmasters’ shoulders. A situation of great uncertainty, which risks having consequences on the public health front and on infections when schools reopen.

Just to meet the needs of the schools the Italian Society for Environmental Medicine (SIMA) decided to mobilize by launching the campaign “Adopt a school“- aimed at companies and private citizens who want to provide public institutions with technologies to improve indoor air quality free of charge – and provide all the skills of the experts in their scientific committee: doctors, epidemiologists, biologists to the deans and schools, chemists, physicists , engineers, mathematicians, technologists etc.

SIMA aims to provide school principals throughout Italy with the most detailed information useful for deciding on the types and sizes of classroom air quality improvement devices. – explains Alessandro Miani, President of SIMAIn practice, each school can turn to our scientific community to express its interest in the search for partner companies willing to provide free of charge (for public institutions) or at production costs (for private schools) technologies useful for improving quality parameters for indoor air and therefore to reduce the risk of infection from Covid-19 among students and teachers. SIMA will guarantee to schools the quality of technologies and devices provided by companies and individuals who decide to adopt a school“.

Studies conducted by SIMA have quantified the risk of contracting Covid-19 at values ​​below 1% where CO2 levels equal to or below 700 ppm (parts per million) are maintained – adds Miani – Researchers from our scientific committee have developed a tiered (low to very high) risk classification system with a traffic light color-based display system. Each risk level corresponds to a series of actions that must be implemented to ensure adequate ventilation of the indoor air in the classrooms: variation of opening times and frequency of doors and windows, changes in the layout of the classrooms (number of students enrolled), as well as building-related changes such as the implementation of mechanical ventilation systems and /or air cleaning devices“.

To date, we have already collected many memberships from companies that want to contribute to a safe reopening of the school year, including: Bromance, Hyla, GH Entetprise, SDP Italia, Vortice, Befreest, Emtesys, who have already provided hundreds of devices to the air. purification (DFS technology; water filter), ethanol-based titanium dioxide photocatalytic coatings, smart CO2 monitoring devices (PAS and NDIR sensors) and mechanized ventilation systems, but we are only at the beginning and we rely on the generosity of many others because each of us have children or grandchildren of school age – says SIMA.

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