A “magical” sensory garden a stone’s throw from Rome to rediscover nature for children and people with disabilities

Martina’s Sensory Garden has just been inaugurated in Alatri (in the province of Frosinone), a green space surrounded by olive trees where children, the disabled and families can rediscover the many natural elements thanks to paths and games where they can test their senses

Sometimes, too busy with everyday life, we lose touch with nature and with our senses that allow us to know the beauty that is around us. Now a new sensory garden located a stone’s throw from Rome (in the province of Frosinone) will allow many people, especially children, disabled people and families, to rediscover how much natural elements such as sunlight, wind, earth, stones, but even eco – sustainable materials like wood can give us, and all thanks to our senses.

In fact, Martina’s Sensory Garden was inaugurated on Sunday, which the parents of this disabled girl who died prematurely due to a rare disease wanted to dedicate to her to keep her memory alive, but also to make use of their experiences and share openly space and a unique natural environment with other families.

Through this new project, we are trying to make the most of the territory’s green spaces, which often end up being abandoned, instead of being fully utilized for something useful to society. In this case, however, the garden offers the opportunity to live in synergy with nature, thanks to the presence of the many elements to be discovered by sight, touch, smell, etc., but as long as one leaves the thoughts behind. and worries (which children usually do much better than us adults).

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This garden is dedicated to them in particular and it is also suitable for the disabled and families who, when visiting it, will be able to enjoy the natural energy of the wind as well as the rustling of the trees, the chirping of the birds or the relaxation. aroma of some grass, aromatic. All things that stimulate the senses, but at the same time promote psychophysical well-being.

The sensory garden, like others that have already existed for some time (think of the example of Vitorciano Park, Viterbo), allows visitors to walk barefoot on different natural surfaces such as gravel, pebbles, sand, an exciting game for children that can also stimulate and awaken their senses. Read also: Parco dei Cinque Sensi: running barefoot in nature

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Several studies, mainly carried out in the countries of Northern Europe and North America, have shown how sensory gardens have real therapeutic effects, especially on people with disabilities, with positive consequences for their psycho-physical recovery.

It is no coincidence that Martina’s sensory garden is inclusive, and the activities that will take place in this place are also designed to promote the interaction of people with disabilities in the social environment, while strengthening the bond with the family and the community.

What a sensory garden like this can do for a disabled person is really a lot: for example, it can make them stronger and more confident, help their self-esteem but also their relationship with others, make them feel part of something that we everyone belongs: a natural world made of beauty and emotion.

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Martina’s sensory garden is already open to the public, to hear about all the planned activities you can follow the Facebook page to keep up to date.

The activities, specify the garden’s creators, will be aimed more at children, schools, parishes and centers for the disabled, but there will also be activities and projects for older children who want to escape from everyday life and the stress of work for a few hours.

The Sensory Garden of Martina is located in Alatri, in the province of Fosinone, and for all the details we refer to their facebook page

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