USA, thousands of teachers ready to go back to school with guns

Some institutions may participate in actual training courses that voluntarily involve all employees, including administrative staff, principals, and even school bus drivers

Now, after the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24, the teachers and technical staff of American schools are ready to return to the classroom armed. On the day 19 children and two teachers lost their lives, the country was divided between those calling for a ban on guns and those calling for the freedom to bring them to class. The second option is now chosen in many schools.

Training courses have been activated

From Texas to Ohio, school personnel were asked to train to use weapons in the event of an attack. Schools can participate in real training courses that voluntarily involve all employees, including administrative staff, principals and even school bus drivers.

Opposing positions between Democrats and Republicans

The percentage of armed employees until a few years ago was 2.6 percent Now twenty-nine states have accepted the invitation of the gun lobby and the Republicans to arm themselves. Meanwhile, Democrats in the House have voted on a text banning assault rifles, but the law is destined to fail in the Senate due to Republican opposition.

Individual states are mobilizing to solve the problem

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New Ohio law allowing teachers to carry guns in school

Meanwhile, some states have moved to curb the phenomenon. The Guardian Plan has been approved in Texas, which allows all school employees to arm themselves after taking the appropriate courses starting August 1.

Every third district will participate in a program to identify who will be able to come to the armed school.

In Ohio, Gov. Mike Dewine signed a similar law in July. It is a minimum training, not even twenty-four hours, to learn the laws governing the use of force. “Everyone – explained Dewine – will decide what is best for the students”. The same is true in Mississippi, where the protocol has been updated. Instead, in one Georgia district, they authorized school staff to arm themselves, but not teachers and classroom counselors.

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