this is what we do for the city of Termoli

The press conference held by the Roberti junta took place this morning in the city council hall in Termoli.

The phrase they often hear is “What did you do?”. Well, it’s time to take stock of the situation.

“We found an administration that was almost in default. We had the courage to intelligently close the transaction with Edison, considering that today there is not one offshore platform that falls on the sea towards Termoli and therefore the possibility of collecting it, even the previous one risked losing.”

A note also about the municipal treasury, which currently has 41 previous mortgages. This means that we do not have the option of making other mortgage loans. This did not prevent us from devising interventions and collecting ministerial funds to create a public works program that Termoli municipality lacked ».

As for these public works, they will be put in place in September.

Today’s press conference, in addition to taking stock of the situation of the mandate of the Roberti junta, was called to talk about the multi-storey car park project in Piazza Donatori di Sangue. The municipality had 5 million euros for the tunnel, and there was a risk of losing those funds if they were not used by this year.

«Through the talks with RFI, we have tried to speed up the time, we have rebuilt the 5 million, and we will go to tender by December 5 at the latest. The idea of ​​the floor plan is not only for parking, because through the remodeling of the station we have also created the connection that goes down from the floor building to the station site in 3 minutes, crossing the tracks. We requested part of the redevelopment of the station in advance, precisely to create the right conditions for bicycle and pedestrian mobility’.

The parking space will be in the basement, one level and the roof will be used for parking spaces with solar panels that will power the charging columns for electric cars.

In addition to the condominium, there are other projects that are ready to be completed.

“Soon – continued Mayor Roberti – the work on the Olympic swimming pool will be completed, which has been increased from 50 meters to 51, so that the municipal swimming pool can be used with two pools of 25 and, if necessary, for national competitions with pools of 50 meters. The cover is a light wooden cover that can be opened in summer. It is composed of solar panels. This swimming pool, as we have expected, will be named after our Antonio Casolino. I listened to who was born in that swimming pool, he was the one who told me , that two 25-inch pools were needed’.

Tomorrow, August 3, there will be delivery of the sewage treatment plant’s relocation work.

They are all designed works that should not be designed to have positive opinions. All work starting in the fall.

Last but not least and to give a gift to the fishermen, with a view to San Basso, 3 boxes will be built down to the port tomorrow, August 3, to be given to port operators, because they are most often forced to change a suit on the quay.

The mayor then took stock of the situation at the Termoli schools. About the funds received for safety and seismic adaptation of all schools.

The administration found regional funds that were directed towards the construction of the employment center, and the former barracks were made available to transfer the employment center there. The rent of the employment agency was paid by Termoli municipality. By moving the offices, the municipality has saved €60,000 in rent.

They await the start of another loan that will finally fix the municipal library.

All the councilors who spoke during the conference thanked the mayor for the trust and for the good teamwork that has been done, for the excellent meetings and conversations that have created a compact group.

“I thank the mayor for the trust, for the close cooperation.

Today we are reaping the fruits of what is our way – said Ferrazzano – Some people said that this administration had no future for public works. Maybe these people don’t live in Termoli. As for the strategic works, the mayor has already illustrated the point of the situation.

We make playgrounds, asphalts, roundabouts, in all neighbourhoods.

We have equipped many streets, for example in the Torre district, with lighting, asphalt and pavements, things that until recently did not exist. We will invest 1 million for the renovation of the roads, 400 thousand euros for the asphalt on via delle Acacie.

We have entrusted the work for the new furniture from Corso Nazionale. Work will begin in September so as not to block the track during this summer. The justice of the peace will be transferred to the former magistrate court.

As for schools, we carry out security measures in the Difesa Grande school, via Tremiti, Principe di Piemonte.

We will erect a new building for Schweitzer Middle School.

We have completed the first plot of land for the park-Rio Vivo cycle path.

For the port, we participated in a tender of 700 thousand euros to modernize it ».

“I thank the mayor for the trust he shows us every day.

The social department is always present and active.

We are in the trenches every day, but with great satisfaction.

We don’t always solve the problem right away, but we don’t try to neglect it. There is a project close to my heart: beaches for the disabled. There have been some people who have not been very vocal about this project, talking about the ghettoization of the beach. I am very sorry about this.

We are finishing other projects, with demanding decisions, but we are moving forward ».

“We managed to work well and as a team. As an environmental councilor, I am satisfied with the work we have done and with the objectives. We are the first in Italy to reach 75% for undifferentiated and we have taken the fourth prize , which we take nationally. We have reached a remarkable level of undifferentiated and urban design. We continue to work and day after day we add a piece – he declared – Termoli was an open air deposit and today instead we try to do our best to educate for decency.

Great is the satisfaction with Goletta Verde, which projects us to the request for the blue flag.

We managed to create the bau bau beach, in the section between Alhoa and the dunes.

It was difficult to make arrangements for the region, but now the beach is completely dedicated to dogs.

And there is a lot of training for children, especially regarding respect for sea animals’.

The administration, councilors and aldermen, with their teamwork, have managed to intercept channels to promote the city, such as Eurovision. A remarkable result for Termoli.

All the events made Termoli a beautiful showcase, such as Rds, beach volleyball, San Basso, the fire of the castle.

«An office for disputes has been set up for the legal department and it is hoped to have a more or less realistic quantification of the payments, especially to avoid unbalanced debts.

A competition was held to strengthen the legal department, where two other lawyers will be employed to assist the activities.

There will be 3 figures to fill the vacant positions » concluded Roberti.

A final pearl was given at the end of the conference, in Piazza Monumento, Mogol arrives on August 18.

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