Summer, 5 books for children to read in the mountains

Holidays in the mountains have something magical: it will be the summer light that gently falls on the forest, or the silence that fills our heart after months of daily commitments, or the opportunity to reconnect with a nature that we are too distant from. In the company of a good book, the stay in the mountains becomes even more suggestive.

Therefore, in this article we suggest 5 perfect books for your children to read during their holidays in the mountains. Exciting stories in the name of nature, to get to know it, respect it and love it from an early age.

5 children’s books to read in the mountains

“Manual for young Capricorns” by Irene Borgna

Let’s start our article dedicated to the little ones and the perfect read to take with you to the mountains with a fine survival manual suitable for ages 8 and up.

“Manual for Young Capricorns” is a book about becoming a hiker, an expert hiker. This is the perfect book to discover all the secrets of hiking to be done with the family or independently: from the organization to the choice of equipment, from orientation to the recognition of animal tracks, through the dangers to consider and the measures to be taken to implement in cases of minor and major unforeseen events.

An adventurous companion for those who dream of summits to reach, bivouacs and starry nights, then return home with tired legs and cheeks reddened by the sun, confident of having lived a unique and irrevocable experience respecting the delicate balance of nature .

“A whale goes to the mountains” by Ester Armanino and Nicola Magrin

The second book that we recommend for your children, suitable for ages 6 and up, tells a wonderful story where the destinies of two similar souls accidentally cross and embark on a path of growth.

Niska is a curious whale. He has always wondered where the sea water comes from. A child lives in the forest and the sea has never seen him. The paths of the two meet when Niska, after reaching the peaks, gets stuck near the child’s cabin. Thanks to her tears, the journey that will change both their lives will begin.

A fresh and capable voice, an essential and suggestive hand for an inspiring story that invites young and old to find the courage to set out to discover the world and nature.

“Tales of the Italian Mountains” by Idalberto Fei and Leire Salaberria

Eagles, wolves, fairies, sea giants and forest witches populate the adventures of the Italian mountains. Based on the rich heritage of oral tradition, Idalberto Fei recounts the charm of the mountains, on a journey at high altitude from the Dolomites to Aspromonte, passing through the Emilian Apennines. The illustrations by Leire Salaberria accompany the text, suitable for ages 7 and up, to give us the magical and suspended atmosphere of the mountain landscape.

“The Pirate Mountain” by Davide Longo and Fausto Gilberti

The fourth book for children to read in the mountains that we suggest today is a perfectly illustrated work from the age of 5.

A child, a father, a mother, a sister on the way, for whom you still have to choose the name, a dog that already has a name and also quite important: all aboard a coffee-colored machine, in the direction of a cabin Mt. Together with them we enter the black and white world of “Pirate Mountain” and we go on a family vacation.

“Oh no!”, The child thinks: he doesn’t really want to meet boredom, spiders, clouds and above all that mountain with the scary white beard … But a walk at dawn with a cup of hot tea is enough, in company with his father and the dog Quinto Valerio Massimo, to change things. Among forests and expanses of dandelions, the child discovers mountain piracy and learns its rules: don’t think too much about washing your face and don’t be afraid of things that change.

Through the words of Davide Longo and the illustrations of Fausto Gilberti, “Pirate Mountain” transports us to high altitudes, where we discover that sometimes things are much scarier when we see them from a distance.

“Lupinella. The life of a she-wolf in the forest of the Alps” by Giuseppe Festa and Mariachiara Di Giorgio

The fifth and last book that we recommend to your children for an atmospheric stay in the mountains is the story of Lupinella’s life, but also of all the wolves that have repopulated the Alps in recent years.

We know her as soon as she is born, when she is safe in her mother’s den. We see her grow up, play with her siblings and learn the rules of the pack. We follow her as she explores the forest and discovers its dangers, and we stay with her until the delicate moment comes to leave the family to find her own way …

The engaging narrative of Giuseppe Festa, enriched by the illustrations of Mariachiara Di Giorgio and by the insights of an expert Lupologist from the Life WolfAlps Project, introduces us to these fascinating animals, unjustly feared and all too often persecuted. And it allows us to discover that they are not so different from us after all. A perfect read for ages 6 and up.

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