Substitutions from GaE and GPS: how darts are used. Choice of competition/support classes, schools, professorships on August 31 or June 30, segment [NUOVA GUIDA MINISTERO]

Supplement for the 2022/23 school year from GaE and GPS: until 16 August at 2 p.m. it will be possible to fill in the application on Online Instances to request the task allocation for 31 August or 30 June 2023. It is possible to choose up to 150 preferences, among schools, municipalities and/or districts. THE MINISTRY’S GUIDE.

Why another question if I have completed the application for GPS by May 31st and have already chosen the schools?

Here we explain the difference between the choice of 20 schools and the choice of a maximum of 150 preferences.

How do you know at which schools the chairs are to be chosen?

We explain it in this article, but it will be a topic we will return to often in the coming days.

What happens if I do not submit the application?

It depends, we explain it in this article

Recruitment from the first support group + temporary workers

Support Specialists can, with a single application, request both Tier 1 roles and Substitutions for all the competition classes for which they are eligible: 150 + 150 preferences

How the LESSONS are inserted

Instructions for pictures

The Ministry’s FAQ

Useful to read before starting the preparation of the application, to clarify doubts, after submission for security GO TO FAQ

This is how the maximum 150 PREFERENCES are expressed


The aspirant who is present in several rankings can choose the course of interest and for it indicate the territorial preferences according to his/her taste (specific or synthetic) and indicate the order.

If the aspirant is included in more than one course and wishes to express priority in relation to one of them, he must first indicate all preferences of interest (for school/synthetic) for the most desired teaching, and then proceed with the preferences for the other teachings .


If the aspirant is included in more than one course and wishes to express greater appreciation for a place, he or she can list the place of interest as a priority for all courses (compatible with the place indicated) in which it is included.

The aspirant can express both specific preferences (individual schools) and synthetic ones (municipalities, districts).

When a synthetic preference is expressed, the procedure assigns the place and analyzes the availability of the schools belonging to that person
municipality/district, in ascending alphanumeric order of the mechanographic codes for all schools included in the municipality/district in question.

If the candidate e.g. in a given municipality have first indicated the location’s type CH (vision aid) and then the location’s type DH (hearing aid), the automatic procedure first examines all the schools of the municipality in question. has seats at CH
and only then those with places on DH.

In the case of synthetic preferences (municipality and district), the aspirant can also choose the type of school (hospital, prison, evening, adult) and the procedure looks for a possible place that is also available for these types of school. If the aspirant does not choose any of these types, the procedure will not evaluate the nomination on these school types.


▪ Contract type (ANNUAL, UNTIL DEVELOPMENT, SPEZZONE) based on the user’s choice and the selected order;
▪ Type of chair (INTERNAL, external schedule chair SAME MUNICIPALITY, DIFFERENT MUNICIPALITY external schedule chair), based on the choice made by the user with a fixed order: first internal chair, then same common COE and finally different common COE;
▪ Seat type based on the choice made by the user and the selected order;
▪ Number of hours in descending segment (for SPEZZONE contract type) (min. max. interval set by the user) from the segment with the largest number of hours to the one with the smallest number of hours;
▪ School user’s mechanographic code (based on the types the user has chosen
beyond the “normal”, hospital, prison, evening, adults)

In the case of segment and completion, the teacher must also indicate the type of territorial completion he prefers: at school, district, municipality, province. In relation to the selected territorial completion, the automatic assignment procedure will search among the other preferences expressed the completion that could be assigned (if a completion is available, for example on a
School, and this school was not present among the preferences expressed and indicating completion, this would not be awarded).

Even the hospital, prison, evening and adult schools are analyzed according to the ascending alphanumeric order of the mechanographic codes

Any preference not expressed represents an express waiver to be nominated on the spot that may be available


GPS 2022/23 rankings: publication, complaints and appeals, the application for substitutes [LO SPECIALE]

The advice

You can request advice on [email protected] (individual response not guaranteed, but discussion of general questions)

You can discuss on the forum for mutual help

You can follow the updates via the Institute’s rankings and Supplenze tag

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