seven victims and safety unknown

CALOPEZZATI Highway 106 in recent weeks continues to claim victims with numbers never reached before. In the Sibarita-Crotonesian section alone, a 60-year-old motorcyclist in Calopezzati, a truck driver in Trebisacce, a 72-year-old in Mirto, two young people in Cirò Marina and today a couple in their sixties from Nova Siri between Villapiana and Trebisacce lost their lives.
The security argument therefore becomes more and more stringent, despite the fact that politics continues to waste precious time, mired in the quicksand of controversies, of primordial formation, lack of coherence and divided political actions even on major territorial issues such as the state’s 106 And all this while people continue with dying, inexorably, also due to the lack of security – for example – on one of the most dangerous stretches of the 490 kilometers of the artery: those from Rossano to Cirò Marina, with points where the roadway is no more than six meters wide. Horrible funnels and bottlenecks, especially if on the other lane you cross one of the many heavy vehicles that pass on the “road of death”. Not to mention the difficulties and the traffic that increases dramatically when crossing the populated towns like Mirto, Mandatoriccio, Pietrapaola, Cariati and Torretta di Crucoli.
In short, every kilometer has dozens of grafts, crossbars, entrances to shops, bicycles, children playing a few meters from the road, which among the communities it crosses is perceived as the “main street of the city”, without thinking that it is a long-distance artery.

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