Replacements from GaE and GPS, how to understand which places will be free. Is it necessary to call each individual school? [VIDEO]

Here we are, the operations for the substitutes on June 30 and August 31 are underway. There is time until August 16 at 2 p.m. In Question Time, the consulting column edited by the editors of Orizzonte Scuola, the trade unionists answer various questions asked by readers in real time.

One of the questions concerns vacant places.

How will it be possible to complete the application in the dark, without knowing the real availabilities? Where are the professorships on 31 August and which ones will there be on 30 June?

The possibility to contact each school by telephone to be informed of the vacant position: “We strongly asked the ministry to give candidates the opportunity to complete the application by not choosing blindly. However, it is true that this question will not only be used for the first round of hiring, but also ad libitum for future availability. Let us e.g. take a teacher who accepts the role in September, that post can be given as a substitute. Then there are the late provisional handovers and other matters”.

It is still: “In reality, we had appealed to the ministry for the possibility of publishing most of the availabilities. Calling all schools by phone is unrealistic, also because it depends on the province”.

7:23 Is it permissible to call each school by phone to find out where the free place to make the 150 preferences? You cannot choose “blind fly” [ASCOLTA LA RISPOSTA CLICCA SUL MINUTO CORRISPONDENTE]

We also talked about it during question time directly on Os TV on July 29, where he participated Attilio Varengomember of the secretariat of the trade union Cisl Scuola.

We remind you that the window for completing the application will be open from 2 August at 9 to 16 August at individual schools, therefore choice analytical than municipality, district then synthetic choice –

Varengo immediately answers, regarding the fact that when completing the application, the candidates really know which professorships will be available, that “none. They won’t know each other before. However, the administration offered information a warranty solution“.

The union man explains: “Meanwhile, the GPS should be published close to August 1st or at least around those days. Even if the rankings are published, it will not prevent the offices from working on these rankings. This means that adjustments, changes and corrections can be made during the submission of applications“.

At the same timecontinues Varengo, i the places the teachers will be chosen and therefore contracted are not the places on August 2 or 16, but the places that will be vacant until the day when the school office will give input to the preparation of the substitutes. “.

ThereforeVarengo concludes that an attempt will be made to recover all positions, including those in the provisional allocations. And if the placements should be changed from August 1 or 2, these will be republished with the corrections in the processing of the allocation of the substitutes.”

Our advice

We add practical advice to the trade unionists’ indications.

It is true, today or tomorrow, August 3, the availability will not be known yet. However, the situation will become clearer in the coming days.

Chairs per 31 August. The procedure for admission to the ordinary role ends today. The next step will be the USR’s publication of the still available positions that you can make a quick call on.

So it will be possible to realize how many professorships were left from our interest in the competitive classes per 31 August.

By 11 August at the latest, the results of the quick call will be published, and we will know for sure which professorships have been given to the role and which will be substitutes on 31 August.

This discourse would be more concrete if the chairs reserved for the extraordinary competition also had a name (the Pascoli or Verga school) and not just a numerical data.

Chairs per 30th of June. In this case we are more fortunate: many school offices have published FACT ORGANIC. These are the professorships that are created each year to meet the needs of the service, and which must necessarily be covered.

In fact, the teaching staff is primarily used for substitute duties, an operation which the School Offices are about to end. If it is true that there may still be some changes (optimization chairs, adjustments, late interprovincial tasks), one can still have a rough idea of ​​what the availabilities may be.

Could the phone call to the individual school be useful? Yes, but up to a certain point: the school could say yes, there is a vacancy, but without knowing whether it has already been assigned the roles or whether it remains vacant.

A great help in this confused phase of filling out the application will naturally have to come from the local unions, who communicate with the School Offices, who keep track of the appointments already made in the light of the legal and de facto staff who “count ” the available seats.

Of course, it must also be taken into account that in the election you are not alone: ​​you must take into account those who precede us, but also to gain access to the substitutes subject to the law (law 68/99) ) or have priority in the choice of location.

It is therefore recommended to carefully read the GUIDES prepared by the ministry.

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