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(Adnkronos) – School: applications for substitutes for the 2022/23 school year have begun. Since yesterday, the provincial school offices have actually published the rankings and from today it is possible to submit replacement applications. This is remembered by the Teachers’ Guild, which, however, condemns that “many teachers will not be able to participate because the computer system has unreasonably excluded them from the ranking list. Under these conditions, it will be impossible to have all teachers in the chair from 1 September”.

Who can apply and when

As reminds us, the application for the allocation of residual positions per 31 August and those per 30 June 2023 will be presented from today until Wednesday 16 August at in the first and second band for the two-year period 2022/24, common place and support. Excluded teachers cannot submit the application, therefore they are deleted with a specific and motivated decree.

The application can be submitted regardless of score. It is probably not all available places that are known before the deadline for submitting applications, so it is not possible to know which grade can be received at any given time.

The question is optional

The Ministry directs the call to submit the application to all applicants correctly entered in GaE and GPS. It is the applicants who choose whether they want to submit the application. If they submit it, they will participate in the allocation of substitutes on August 31 and June 30, 2023, according to the methods by which they filled out the application.

If they do not present it, they will not be able to participate in the allocation of substitutes on 31 August or 30 June by GaE and GPS. If GaE and GPS were to run out and there were still unallocated seats, we would move on to the school rankings. Candidates who have not submitted an application will therefore be able to be contacted by one of the schools included in the submitted application no later than May 31, if the vacancy turns out to be at the school in question.

The sanctions for failure to submit the application

The deliberate refusal to submit the application has no penalty (it is known that agreements from GaE and GPS cannot be received for the school year 2022/23) neither for the current year nor for the following year. Those who do not submit an application for 2022/23 will be able to submit it for 2023/24 and vice versa.

“Years pass, but the script always remains the same. In the height of summer, the problems related to the procedures for recruiting teachers appear even more serious. In fact, there are countless errors in the publication of the provincial rankings for substitutes, as well as in the written tests in the competitions. All this shows that anticipating and speeding up times at all costs does not lead to punctuality in operations, but only chaos”, affirms the guild, which strongly requests to change the recruitment systems, to postpone the dates for submitting compensation and compensation applications. the timing and methods of processing the rankings, especially for GPS, which should have benefited from the computerization of the system.

Gilda: “Usual chaos and leaderboards full of mistakes”

“Since yesterday, the provincial school offices have published the rankings and from today it is possible to submit replacement applications, but many teachers – complaint – will not be able to participate because the computer system has unfairly excluded them from the rankings. This will result in a surplus of work for the territorial offices, already overburdened and understaffed, will be forced to jump through hoops to restore their positions and allow these teachers to enter applications by August 16. Furthermore, there is no uniformity between the various Usr , because the ministerial indications are not clear”. “Once again we must note a total lack of respect for teachers’ rights and transparency in the employment procedures. In order to cure this serious situation – the guild concludes – we consider it useful to restore the summons in presence “.

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