New Kia Niro, efficiency and design: the future generation

Password: efficiency. So it was in 2016, a few months after the release, then travel from Los Angeles to New York entered the Guinness Book of Records for lower fuel consumption of a hybrid car. That is still the case today, six years after the launch, with his arrival second generation: even more technological, still more spacious and – in fact – even more efficient. There new Kia Niro looking ahead, projecting itself into the future, but without forget the past aware of his past.

The known Crossover Koreanin fact, it has long been at the top of the sales lists when it comes to green choices of European consumers. The 2023 model, while introducing many new features, does not deny what has been: yes, it requires a further change of tempo in the direction of sustainable mobility. Under the hood, it is actually equipped with three different engines, all electrified: mild hybrid and plug-inwhich has a 1.6 liter petrol engine, in addition to the highly sought after full electric.

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Kia – that too EV6 GT won the award Car of the Year 2022 – confirms itself at the top in the production of cars by 100% electric. The Niro EV is the most powerful in the range with its 203 horses and with a charging time 10-80% in just 43 minutes after column fast charging. We tried it at Frankfurt and surroundings, both in the city and on country roads, and we were impressed easy driving: responsive, clear and at the same time massiveeven on dirt roads.

Inside, where minimalism merge with detail oriented, everything is extremely intuitive thanks to a ground-breaking technology which is the host: the instrumentation depends on dual screen 10.25”, one for navigation and one for infotainment, incl the head-up display 10”, which projects the most important travel information onto the windscreen minimize distractions driving. The focus is on practicality, always taking eye for the environment.

The eco-sustainable materials used for the interior are proof of this inspired by naturesee available places in vegan artificial leather for a new level of comfort. Also obtained by virtue of more space on board, offered by the longer wheelbase on the new modular platform. However, the measures remain practically the same as the previous model: to change is external profile, elegant and aggressive, combining soft aerodynamic surfaces at times from clean cut.

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This content can also be viewed on the website from which it originated.

A character that also stems from the company’s new distinctive features, such as Tiger face with a development more horizontal and the luminous signature Heartbeat also taken in the back. To further characterize the Niro’s appearance is color combination matte and glossy, accentuating the dual front grille (the tailgate is in the middle), with the rear C-pillar – designed for improve aerodynamics – which can be customized with a contrasting colour.

About designthe trip to Frankfurt was also an opportunity to get a sneak peek The restyling of the Kia XCeed: having sold over 120 thousand units on the old continent, here it is new lines even more daringa stripped-back silhouette with a fast-sloping roof accentuating it the dynamic aspect, looks like a coupe. With the introduction of the exhibition GT-Line, finally it gets a sporty charm, uplifting the famous model to a whole new level.

Look precisely at the future, without forgetting the past.

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