Japanese beds: features and benefits

For lovers of oriental style, ie Japanese beds is a great trick to instantly feel in Japan. A simple design, but with a strong effect.

The oriental style may or may not like it, depending on the type of bed you have in mind. Why I Japanese beds they are very far from what is normally used. The traditional Japanese bed with tatami and futon is simple and has a great effect.

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Characteristics of Japanese beds

For all lovers of Japan, the time has come to know something more specific about the much discussed Japanese beds. For many, the purchase of the bed and especially the mattress is of fundamental importance to rest well, so it is important to know the main characteristics of oriental beds. There are many types of Japanese beds, including Tatami, simple and made of a string base, therefore a very hard mattress. The mattress in question is called a “futon”. Here are the main features of an oriental bed:

  • An oriental bed usually possesses one tree structure natural
  • The mattress on the bed is usually in a very low position
  • The geometric shapes are clear, with the addition of straight lines and angles
  • They don’t own any decoration
  • The headboard is usually in the shape of a rectangle
  • The bed’s legs are thick and the models with legs have built-in drawers
  • There are no metal or plastic parts

All the Benefits and Features of Japanese Beds – Ty Carlson’s Unsplash

All the advantages of the Japanese bed

That oriental bed it will bring a very special touch to the home, a type of bed that is difficult to buy in Italy. Although this not so common type of bed has several advantages to be aware of. Japanese-style bedrooms stand out from all other rooms. Due to the fact that their minimalism, the lack of bright accessories and even decorative elements is hard to forget. This type of bed, tatami, in the most modern versions, has a very wide frame and the edges protrude from the mattress. Here is the list of benefits that a Japanese bed has:

  • The futon mattress provides support to the body. Due to the fact that it contains layers of latex or memory foam made up of natural substances such as soy or even aloe. This makes the mattress softer and more comfortable. In addition to being a product free of bacteria, therefore very healthy for rest.
  • That tatami relax both body and mind. The rice and reed straw that tatamis are usually made of, in addition to providing a natural fragrance, relaxes the mind and body. The natural touch that only rice straw and reeds can give, so everyone who owns one can relax and enjoy their oriental bed.
  • Japanese beds are built with natural wood and without the use of special screws or glue. Just think, when they were first made, each craftsman jealously guarded his construction technique. And it was from there that the Japanese began to build beds by inserting pieces of wood.
  • They have no harmful substancesbecause they are made with natural materials or with organic substances, oil, wax or natural impregnation agents.

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Pills of curiosity – I didn’t know that. And you?

  • According to a survey done by Houzz, 65% of professionals in the interior design industry expects an increase in turnover of almost 10%.
  • In the 13th century, most people slept on straw mats, but nobles slept on tatami mats. These were not as soft as futons are now.


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