Filippo Ferlazzo: The Tso, the civil invalidity, the community. The full clinical history of the man in the Civitanova murder

Filippo Ferlazzo, the 32-year-old accused of the murder of street vendor Alika Ogorchukwu, was reported by his mother Ursula Loprete last year in Salerno for threats and exposed to Tso. Compulsory health care papers say that for doctors it was a aggressive drug addictwith personality disorders, a bipolar syndrome and psychotic behavior. Loprete, turns out to be his support administrator. The office’s lawyer Roberta Bizzarri produced the records during the preliminary investigation judge’s questioning Claudio Bonifazi which confirmed the imprisonment of Ferlazzo. While Stefano Cesca of Steve, his employer, says she had a tantrum with him last Thursday over the renewal of his contract. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Elena D. apologizes to the victim’s family.

Ferlazzo’s clinical history

On the six pages of the regulation the investigating judge describes Ferlazzo as a “violent subject with high social danger”. Which can also kill “with an unmotivated impulse shown in responding”. It is the judge himself who invites the parties to examine the suspect’s situation from a psychological point of view. Especially regarding the bipolar disorder mentioned in the killer’s journals. After Tso in Salerno Mental Health Center in Civitanova Marche he had taken responsibility for it. On social networks, today it tells Corriere della Serahe called himself “Filippo Figo”. And she said: “My mother gave birth to me in Austria at the age of 18”.

And again: «I studied at the Art Academy in Turin, I like to paint and I can play Beethoven on the piano». It is true Ursula Loprete has been appointed as administrator support from the court. But his role did not involve daily and close control. «These conditions – he specifies with The printout the prosecutor Claudio Rastrelli – they exist in cases of guardianship, incapacity and prohibition ». The lawyer Bizzarri he says that “his mother was Filippo’s support administrator since 2018, but he is not prohibited: he retains the ability to understand and will with the ability to move freely”.

Civil invalidity recognized by INPS

The newspaper also says so until 2016, Ferlazzo was on 80% civil disability recognized by INPS. For a year and a half had reached 100%. The diagnosis was one bipolar disorder in a person with borderline personality. In 2021, he had completed a therapeutic project lasting one year and eight months in a community in Lecce. In April, he went to the emergency room in Civitanova twice. According to a psychiatric consultation requested by the hospital and carried out in two stages (initially he traveled and then he was tracked by the police), at this time there were no extremes for a Tso, but only for a pathway to drug therapy.

Ferlazzo was supposed to make an appointment with a mental health facility, but he didn’t. The 32-year-old had returned to Salerno, and from there he went back to Civitanova Marche. He lived with his partner Elena D.. For about a month he had found a job working in Stefano Cesca’s foundry, Steve Stampi, located in via Cianfrocchi. Cesca tells today courier that the day before the murder of Alika Ferlazzo he had had a fit of anger with him. “For days he had followed me in anxious anticipation to ask me to renew his one-month contract, which would expire on July 31. And I told him: don’t worry, there’s no rush, we want to talk about that when it expires ».

The employer’s history

“But he suddenly gave my office door a terrible kick and then stood there in silence, stuttering while staring at me,” Cesca said. That he would have renewed the contract in Ferlazzo anyway, granted “He was a good worker, reliable, he cared about this job. He showed up here alone a month ago and I hired him without any problems, he learned the trade immediately, emptied the bins, hammered the material for hours, seemed tireless. Even though at the Green Cross, where I work as a volunteer, they told me to be on guard ». Talk about some damage to benches in the past and reports to the carabinieri.

And he says he was jealous of his girlfriend: «Yes, she told me that one night she wanted to go out and have fun, she wanted to go out dancing, Civitanova in this period is full of discos and clubs on the sea frequented by so many people. But he wanted to stay at home and go to bed early, because the next day he had to go to the factory. And this, I guarantee you, is not an easy job. It is actually also dangerous, and the next morning Filippo wanted to come to work fresh and efficient. So eventually they argued. But in a couple it’s normal, right? ».

The Facebook profile

“My past was not pretty but I don’t deny it because it made me stronger today than yesterday and it will be my contempt tomorrow,” he wrote two years ago on Facebook, according to the agency Handle. Explains that “the canvas has a very special meaning for me, it’s like a chasm where I enclose my demons … the subjects I paint are not necessarily beautiful, but sometimes they scare me, but I’m sure , that they are confined there in a perfect canvas”. One of his works it had become the cover of a volume that collected the contributions of operators involved in the field of psychotic onsets in the network of structures involved in treatment pathways.

And in some videos, away from home in a community, he wished his mother a birthday. Ursula Loprete, Ferlazzo’s mother, is an architect in Salerno and her support administrator. The woman in her fifties is one interior designer and manager in a furniture store in the center of Salerno. It is also known for a luxury bed and breakfast where many VIPs have stayed. She also ran for the municipal elections last year with a citizens’ list.

Elena D.48 years old and Ferlazzo’s girlfriend, spoke yesterday through the lawyer Carlotta Cerchetti. “I want to isolate myself from such strong media pressure. But I am close to the victim’s family. I also apologize for what happened. I distance myself from what Filippo did, I can’t explain it. I never thought he could go this far , I had not perceived the danger, even though I knew his psychiatric problems’.

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