5 tips to get the most out of it

We know it. Now you think of the sea, the holidays, the castles in the sand, the beach volleyball games… But there, far away, hidden between a wave and a sunset, is the return to school. And it’s good to arrive prepared in September, to start off on the right foot. That is why we have decided to share with you 5 tips to get the most out of your iPad between school and university desks.

5 tips to get the most out of iPad

iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro: regardless of which you have chosen to study. In fact, all four models allow you to take advantage of these 5 amazing features that will increase your productivity.


Actually, to tell the truth 3. You can actually choose Split Viewwhich combines two applications, for slide over, with one app taking up 2/3 of the screen and the other the remaining third, or for Central windowwith some programs allowing you to open a specific item and hold it in the center of the screen.

Split-View multitasking

Multitasking also allows drag and drop text, images and files from one program to another. For example, you can take a picture from Safari and drag it into the document you are writing. Or copy some text from your textbook to paste into your clipboard. All this by simply selecting and dragging.

Full immersion

iPad for full immersion school

Sometimes it’s not easy to focus, especially with an electronic device in front of us that gives us access to a whole digital world, from messages to games.
Apple’s solution to all this is called Full immersion. It is a function that you find in Settings and that allows you to use one of the 4 profiles that are already present or to create a new one. But what to do? Basically you can filter notifications by selecting only the apps and people you want to be available to; you can too customize the home screenthat restricts access to only those that contain software useful for the study.
Working? We’ve experienced it at work, and yes, it works. Basically you force yourself to concentrate and eventually bring home the desired results without too much effort.

Advanced Search

iPad is capable of recognize handwriting. And no, this feature isn’t just for turning notes taken by hand with the Apple Pencil into typed notes. It is actually much more than that: it means that teverything you write can be tracked and searched, thus facilitating the retrieval of your notes and simplifying your life when you want to review and revise a specific passage.

Continuity on Mac and iPad

iPad for sidecar school

If you have a Mac ready to work with your iPad, then you can take advantage of it Continuity, a feature that allows you to use both devices at the same time. But what to do? First of all, you can take advantage Sidecar, the feature that extends or duplicates the Mac desktop on the Cupertino tablet; this allows you both to have much more space available and to take advantage of the possible Apple Pencil to draw with a program you only have on Mac. Continuity also allows you to control iPad and Mac with just one mouse and one keyboard, quickly switch from one device to another and utilize Transfer to continue performing a specific activity on the other device and pick up where you left off. Then there is shared notes for copying texts, images, photos and videosand the possibility of sync full immersion mode to set it on all devices.

Accessories make the difference

It may seem trivial, but we often tend to buy only the iPad, thinking that accessories are just an unnecessary extra expense. But no. They can actually prove to be very valuable allies.
TOapple pencil, for example, it is not only suitable for drawing, but it is perfect for those who like to take notes by hand, having tons of applications available to help you. For example, we love both Apple Notes and Zinnia, which allow you to have different notebooks for different subjects, but in reality the App Store offers many other useful and well-made apps.

You can also pair your iPad with the Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard. The connection is instant and you can type just like on a computer, also count on a lot of shortcuts that you can see by holding down the Command key ⌘ from the home screen or while using the program.

iPad for school: Apple’s offering for the education sector

Haven’t bought an iPad for school yet? Know that Apple reserves a number of offers and discounts for the education sector.
In particular students in their first year at university will be able to benefit from discounts when buying a Mac or iPad and by having a gift card of up to € 150 euros.
The offer is also aimed at teachers and staff at institutions of all levels and allows you to save even on the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, get a 20% discount on AppleCare + and much more.
If you are curious to know more, just visit the dedicated page.

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