Who is Vincenzo Spezia, the mafioso near Messina Denaro convicted of child abuse

Ten years and eight months in prison for sexual violence against minors, that is the sentence to be served for the mafia boss, decided by the judge at the preliminary hearings in Palermo Paolo Magro for 59-year-old Vincenzo Spezia from Campobello, son of the late boss , leader of the Campobello di Mazara mafia family, Nunzio Spezia and loyal to Messina Denaro.

Spezia was arrested in April 2021 by the carabinieri for sexual violence against minors. Now the verdict, which also requires the payment of provisional compensation for damages of 15,000 euros for one victim and 7,500 euros each for the other two.

Lower sentence than the prosecutor’s request – The sentence imposed was far less than what prosecutors had requested because the judge, who accepted defense attorney Calogera Falco’s arguments, acquitted Spezia of one count, commuted another and ruled out a number of aggravating circumstances. To discover the sexual abuse, to listen to the wiretapping arranged as part of the research of the refugee Matteo Messina Denaro, the military was in Ros. To order the arrest were the deputy prosecutor of the Dda in Palermo Paolo Guido and the prosecutor Francesca Dessì.

Who is Vincenzo Spezia – Vincenzo Spezia was arrested as a fugitive in 2003 in Valencia, Venezuela and extradited to Italy in 2007. His father, Nunzio, died in 2009. He returned to freedom in the summer of 2019 after serving a 21-year sentence for drugs and the mafia. had remained in the spotlight of the DDA in Palermo due to its proximity to Messina Denaro.

The victims – Three confirmed victims, two children and a nine-year-old girl. Only two boys were identified and subjected to an evidentiary hearing where the allegations against the man were confirmed. Since then, the DDA, given the very close ties to boss Messina Denaro, has begun wiretapping him. And listening to some of the recordings brought up the episodes of abuse. About ten meetings with three children: two 9-year-old boys and a younger girl. The disputed facts go back to the period between April and June 2020. According to the accusation, Spezia had plagiarized and stolen the trust of one of the small victims. The sexual violence allegedly took place in a workshop and in isolated landscapes.

The explicit wiretapping confirms the violence – In a wiretap, Spezia is heard explicitly suggesting to a child to masturbate in front of him, or to do it together. In another conversation, he allegedly gave advice to his child victims on “how to do it with women” or lectures about sexual intercourse. The terrible wiretappings unfortunately tell of several episodes of violence with small victims who tried to resist what they could and asked to go home. In another wiretap, the carabinieri listen to Spezia saying “If you do that bravina, I’ll make you a lot of little gifts”, Spezia tells a minor and again: “I’ll take you to the sea”.

The spices and history of the statements of the former mayor Caravà – In June 2007, a year after the first election that brought Caravà to the mayor’s office, family members informed Nunzio Spezia, historian of the Campobello mafia family, who died during the investigation, that during the inauguration of the Avis headquarters, “the then new mayor had thundered at the mafia. And the spices had felt offended: ‘Because, father, they were too disgusting. They sucked too much, and when it’s too much, it’s too much.’ However, Spezia reassured his relatives: «… so they think he holds something against us … They can’t do anything else, they can’t do anything else … they condemned people for kidnappings and the like, didn’t you know “They arrested people for services to the mafia.”

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