Water plants, workshop in the park for children and adults

Milan – Sunday, August 7, 2022 in the park The library of trees of Milan continues the monthly cycle of workshops for children and adults dedicated to botany, focusing on aquatic plants that populate the park: three workshops are planned.

Milan – We leave at 10:00 a.m with the children’s workshop (3-6 years) A pond all to ourselves: after showing the children the pond in the Biblioteca degli Alberi, the story of friendship is told, taken from book by Leo Lionni, between a fish and a tadpole living in the same pond and growing together. At the end of the story, the evolutionary stages of fish and frogs with models that allow children to know the life cycle of some animals. Children also have the opportunity to make one themselves mini terrace pool to take home.

Milan – On 11.30 am a new workshop for children (7-11 years, this time) is planned: the title is Naturalists what a passion. After the visit to the lake, children are shown the biological diversity present in the territory’s fresh water using water analysis kits, magnifying glasses, classification atlases and dichotomous tables. A path that explores issues related to the biotic component and the abiotic component of an aquatic environment to make people understand the importance of preserving these treasures of biodiversity and sensitize participants to respect and preserve ecosystems. Again the children make one mini pond to take home.

In the afternoon at 15.30 it is the adults’ turn to participate in the workshop The vegetable kingdom … a continuous discovery. Each cultivated plant has its own history that fits into that of the species or crop or natural variety to which it belongs. This is why it is important to take into account the careful use of plant essences, which are essential to induce positive environmental changes also for our habitat, thanks to the mitigation of the effects that a plant generates in an urban environment. In this laboratory, some of the plants’ adaptations to the different water environments and to the botanical species of water lilies found in the park’s pond are presented through scientific studies – also achieved thanks to small experiments and microscope observations. In the last part of the trail, the participants make a miniature water garden using a large pot and some small water plants provided by the Tree Library.

All arrangements are one free access in accordance with the applicable anti-Covid-19 regulations, subject to mandatory booking on the website for The library of trees.

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