Toy dog ​​for babies and children

A faithful playmate to give to the little ones in the house is the toy dog. Here is a selection of models suitable for babies and children

Toy dog, the models chosen for you

There is one game that always affects all children, from the first months of life, and that is the toy dog. A simple game, to go for a walk on a leash, which accompanies the growth of the little ones also with sounds, songs, first words.

There are many models on the market, from more or less well-known brands. But which one is better to buy? Which toy dog ​​is best for us or our children?

Here is a selection of toy dogs for babies and children to buy online:

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Toy dog ​​with leash

GRESATEK Robot dog toy with leash

A toy dog ​​with a leash that interacts with the child in an intelligent and fun way. To make it work, 3 AA batteries are required; the battery-operated device is hidden in the puppy’s stomach.

The toy dog ​​walks, has very soft fur and an electronic leash to interact with his little master.

PROS: toy dog ​​that exceeded expectations; cute and expressive face. Simple operation: just insert the batteries, connect the cord and press the buttons to go forward and backward

CONS: Some users have complained about motion glitches.

Fisher-Price Lil’ Snoopy Pull Along Dog

Simple toy dog, suitable even for the smallest. A hard plastic dog, with delicate features, on a leash.

Little Snoopy is the ideal first puppy for any child. By keeping it on a leash and carrying it around, it turns its head, moves its ears, wags its tail and barks, just like a real dog. It does not require the use of batteries. Encourage early role play.

PROS: simple, cheap and free of small parts. Also recommended for very young children

CONS: There are no negative reviews about the product.

CCL Pii Pii puppy

Toy dog ​​with pet carrier

Battat – Veterinary set with Dalmatians

Here’s a portable pet clinic: a carrying case with all the veterinary toys. Fifteen pieces in total: 1 plush puppy, 1 puppy cage, 1 stethoscope, 1 brush, 1 syringe, 1 thermometer, 1 bowl and more.

It is a game that develops empathy and social skills as you play. Battat’s Dalmatian Veterinary Kit is recommended for children aged 2 and up.

PROS: The game is well done. The pieces of the set are many and of good material, robust and resistant and of pleasant colors, the children play with them willingly.

CONS: There are no negative reviews about the product

Stay Gent Toy medical set with carrying case

Dog Fido Vet, set with soft toy, pet carrier and accessories

Toy dog ​​walks and barks

Hasbro FurReal – Gogo

Furreal GoGo is an adorable electronic puppy to dance with to the beat of 5 songs. Just press a button on the leash and the cute little dog starts dancing.

By pressing the go button, GoGo will start walking; the puppy shakes its head, barks, appears to be happy. A recommended gift for children aged 4 and up who love animals and dancing.

PROS: Well made, durable and fun toy dog. The kids loved it

CONS: There are no negative reviews about the product

OR OR TU, interactive plush dog

Goliath – Waggles on a Walk, interactive dachshund

Toy dog ​​for the little ones

Clementoni draft dog

A very cute draft dog that becomes an inseparable playmate for the little ones. Recommended from 10 months, the little dog walks in a cozy and fun way.

The dog’s body is articulated, ears and legs really swing with the movement of the wheels and emit a fun “squeak squeak”.

When the cute little dog moves, it makes a funny sound. This game develops the child’s sensory perception, motor coordination and imagination.

PROS: simple but very cute game, loved by young children

CONS: There are no negative reviews about the product.

Fisher-Price – The smart stages Doggie laugh and learn

An intelligent and cuddly friend, ideal for younger children.

Listen, keep company, learn new things, like roaring like a lion or counting to ten.

Il Cagnolino First Steps Laugh & Learn Smart Stages, know how to be a good friend. She chats, lights up, loves to cuddle and can say more than 100 first words including body parts, colors, numbers and more. Tap your ear to learn to count, listen and more. Press and hold the dog’s left foot to change the contents of Smart Stages. The puppy is a furry dance partner who turns on and gives big hugs.

PRO: beautiful game that accompanies the child in every phase of growth

CONS: There are no negative reviews about the product.

Clementoni Bubù Cuckoo puppy

Pluto, transportable dog

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