The new Covid is called Centaurus, it infects 13 times faster than Omicron: virologists fear reopening schools

The pandemic does not seem to be over. That is what the figures on the new infected say. And also virologists who fear an increase in cases again this year in correspondence with the reopening of the schools. Especially since virtually nothing has been done about pre-Covid conditions. The main concern is the lack of intervention on mechanical ventilation.

Burioni hopes for ventilation of the classrooms

“In the fall, we hope they work on improving the ventilation in the classrooms,” the virologist said in a tweet. Roberto Burioniperhaps not knowing that only 3% of classes are equipped with these precious devices.

The professor at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan then recalled that “masks are effective in preventing Covid, other studies confirm this. Personally, I always wear it indoors and crowded, never outdoors. I think it’s a reasonable choice, ” stressed Burioni when he published the results of research promoting personal protective equipment.

Professor Galli: Fewer than the schools are closed

Once again, the variants of the original virus are worrisome. “Currently, it is necessary to understand if Centaurus, a new subvariant of Sars-Cov-2, is more widespread than the previous one and, above all, if it is able to escape the immune response activated by the different Omicrons circulated until now,” he explained Massimo Galliformer director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco Hospital in Milan.

In an interview with Adnkronos, Galli added that “if this were the case, we can expect it to spread in an important way. And it will not wait until autumn does it. In this context, the only favorable factor is that children do not go in school”. Therefore, even the well-known virologist fears that when this happens, the risk of infection may increase again.

“What we know about this subvariant from the experience in India – he added – is that it has spread at a rate 13 times faster than Omicron 5. However, we are talking about a different country than ours, and the data cannot be ‘ imported ‘ in a way direct: verification in the second context is needed. But the basic concept is that it might be a variant that is ‘running’. Until now, every more widespread variant has been responsible for a pandemic wave. And that’s worrying. Centaurus is coming however, in a situation where there are movements vaccinated and many healed by an Omicron. It will be necessary to see if this situation will involve some degree of defense. In any case, vigilance and monitoring are still needed”.

This, Galli concludes, “is a further indication that the story is not over and denies those under the illusion that viruses go on vacation”.

The intervention of the ‘School technique’

The lack of installation of ventilation systems in the school is a shortcoming which was also expressed by the fact that the School’s Technology participated in the transmission last July 25. What day is itprogram broadcast on Rai Radio 1 led by Francesca Romana Ceci and Massimo Giraldi.

On the question ventilation of the classrooms, we have specified that “There is bitterness over the aerators that have been indicated by the European Commission for the prevention of Covid. The situation is complex and fixed. The Technical Scientific Committee has always dictated the guidelines.”

“However, CTS was dissolved on 30 March, and therefore – we pointed out – the ‘ball’ went to the Ministry of Health, which has not yet issued any text on the guidelines. In the meantime, around 150 million euros have been earmarked for the aerators. This money remains stable, and moreover, it is a small number. I remember that in Italy we have 42 thousand buildings. If we make an estimate, the aerators – we concluded – could cost between 1,000 and 2,000 euros, so it would take no less than 600-700 million euros to supply all the classrooms with these units ”.

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