“The health centers? i am the future”

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01/08/2022 – A new high-tech X-ray machine has been installed. “No more cassettes, records or CDs. Everything will be done via wi-fi”. Great support from director Grinta, full synergy between Av4 and municipalities. Mayor Pezzani: “The health centers can represent our future. With the new regional health plan, you must take action against the lack of general practitioners and restore the medical staff in the 9 provincial positions”.

When it comes to healthcare, it is impossible not to look at the strengths and weaknesses that our system has shown in recent years. Among the positive notes of the sanitary fabric by Fermo, certainly deserves an honorable mention Petritoli district.

In the last two years, conditioned by the pandemic, has Petritolese district represented a landmark for help and support to the many citizens who come from Valdaso and from Elected. Both with mass screening and with the vaccine campaign, the Petritoli district has carried out a fundamental role for the health of inland areas and in the last few days it got a major upgrade.

In fact, it was installed in the radiology and diagnostics department of the Petritolese district a modern X-ray machine. Inaugurated in the presence of the director of Av4 Roberto Grinta, the regional council of Castelli, the mayor Luca Pezzani and many other local authorities, the innovative equipment will make it possible to carry out high-tech X-rays no longer using cassettes, records or CDs, but via wi-fi. In other words, a latest generation of machines, which will allow us to offer an even better service to patients.

Who has always worked hard for the Petritoli health district, supported by colleagues from neighboring municipalities, was Mayor Pezzani, which on the sidelines of the inauguration repeated: “The Petritoli health district plays a very important role. It is the health department in the Fermo area and offers services to 15 municipalities, from Valdaso to Valdete. Therefore, it is not only important for the citizens of Petritoli, but for all patients in the nearby areas”.

Great synergy with the director Grinta and basic support from Area Vasta 4: “Director Grinta’s support is there and as mayor I understood it immediately as soon as we met. Its goal is to restore value to health districts and make them strategic for the whole territory – confides Pezzani – I was happy to have an interlocutor who supported the mayor’s goals, that is to go and strengthen the healthcare system with new equipment and several hours of special outpatient assistance”.

In the last two years, the Petritoli Health District has returned to play an important role. What will be its future in the coming months? “Undoubtedly, it performs an indispensable service for the person who offers first-class assistance and diagnostics. It must be remembered that according to Ministerial Decree 77 of 2022, the Petritoli district could become a community house, also called the health house, it is a structure where citizens must go to receive primary care, the first form of personal assistance – explains the mayor – this is the direction we want to take. Casa della Salute can represent the healthcare of the future. As mayor, I asked the region and the director Grinta that Petritoli go this way”.

And is this the solution to the various problems in Fermo’s healthcare system? “I really think so. Lack of general practitioners and critical issues in connection with the absence of on-call doctors, these two macro problems can be solved by following this new path. We are of course talking about problems that concern not only our territory, but all 5 major areas – emphasizes Pezzani – the goal must be to restore medical duty in the 9 provincial posts, because we cannot overload our only emergency room even more. In this sense Casa della Salute represents a health center 24 hours a day where you can get ongoing medical care”.

More resources for the local healthcare system: “With the new regional healthcare system, there is also Area Vasta 4 will become a territorial health company with its own financial autonomy – the mayor wanted to emphasize – It means more resources for health in our areas, but also more responsibility. Now we need to understand what new scenarios will open up. There is no doubt that greater financial autonomy, if managed well, will provide more services, more doctors and more assistance”.

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