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Nuovarredo is an established and well-developed Italian furniture brand. Below, all the news and furnishing suggestions from the Nuovarredo catalog.

The Italian company Nuovarredo, born in Puglia, is today the hallmark of a chain of furniture stores that revolves around the customer’s needs, combining quality and convenience. Below are the new furniture and design proposals in the Nuovarredo catalog.

Nuovarredo: the history of a company

Today, Nuovarredo consists of 26 stores, 2 outlets and more than 300 business partners. Nuovarredo was founded in 1967 in Francavilla Fontana, Puglia. From an idea of ​​Antonio Magrì, the company will gradually begin to grow and develop throughout Puglia, Basilicata, Tuscany and Lombardy. The company’s goal is to make the customer feel comfortable in the choice, which guarantees both design and style quality and a high degree of convenience. Moreover, thanks to the birth of digital support in 2012, the company had the opportunity to extend its design to the whole country, making its brand and image known to all Italians.

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The Nuovarredo 2022 catalog

The Nuovarredo 2022 catalog is divided into the main rooms of the house: kitchen, bedroom and living room. It is a collection based on Made in Italy and on a high quality design, able to guarantee the customer’s efficiency and reliability. Here are all the features in the three main sections of the Nuovarredo catalog.

Catalog 2022: the kitchen of Nuovarredo

When it comes to the kitchen, Nuovarredo’s ideas are countless. The favorite style is modern, although there is no lack of more classic and traditional elements, typical of Made in Italy. In addition, these kitchens are equipped with all functions to ensure maximum comfort in the environment. Among the most famous cuisines of Nuovarredo, they stand out:

  • Isolde: a small monobloc kitchen. Comfortable and functional, it is equipped with an oven, built-in hood and burners.
  • Isabel: it is a monobloc kitchen, but it is equipped with more space. The kitchen has 4 burners, oven and electric hood.
  • Vilma: this is the ideal kitchen for those who have a larger space at their disposal.
  • Mirabeau: it is a kitchen that perfectly combines the elegance of the classic style and the convenience of the modern style: it is equipped with a double sink, oven, 5 burners, dishwasher and central island.

Nuovarredo Catalogue: design furniture proposals – Unsplash – photo by Zac Qudakov

new furniture

Nuovarredo Catalogue: proposals for design furniture – Unsplash – photo by Francesca Tosolini

Residential area: the proposals of Nuovarredo

As for the living area, the most important and lively space of the house, Nuovarredo offers various furnishing solutions. The goal is to guarantee absolute comfort and relaxation, but also to create a perfect environment to host friends. The living area presented by Nuovarredo has several proposals:

  • Jade: it is a fitted wall where you can have everything from the TV to other design objects and accessories. With a modern and comfortable look, Giada is an ideal solution for elegantly furnishing the living room.
  • Hammer: this is also a fitted wall, but it has such an original design that it is impossible to go unnoticed.
  • Irene: it is a sofa that can be adjusted according to the needs of the room and the available space.
new furniture

Nuovarredo Catalog: proposals for design furniture – Unsplash – photo by Loewe Technology

new furniture

Nuovarredo Catalogue: design furniture proposals – Unsplash – photo by Nathan Oakley

The ideal sleeping area according to Nuovarredo

In the sleeping area, Nuovarredo presents a very varied selection of furniture, in relation to different tastes, needs and budgets. In general, we try to ensure relaxation and comfort for the person’s well-being. Among the most popular choices are:

  • New Alba: a bedroom with 6-door wardrobe, chest of drawers and 2 bedside tables, bed with storage unit and net included.

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  • Flag: it is an elegant bedroom in minimal style, also composed of a 6-door wardrobe equipped with mirrors, chest of drawers, bedside tables.
  • mercy: it is the perfect bedroom for those who love classic, vintage and romantic environments. The finish is ash white with silver glitter decorations. The wardrobe has 2 sliding doors including mirror, chest of drawers and bedside tables.
new furniture

Nuovarredo Catalog: proposals for design furniture – Unsplash – photo by Vojtech Bruzek

new furniture

Nuovarredo Catalogue: design furniture proposals – Unsplash – photo by Spacejoy

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