So’s rest home, in Asti, a nurse for 95 patients

Nursind condemns worrying nurse/patient relationship in the Villa Cora structure in Costigliole d’Asti. But the situation is critical throughout Italy. In Liguria, Fp Cgil Imperia points out that the few health professionals who are present in the area are constantly living in precariousness. Confindustria Sicilia asked the region for an immediate meeting on the same issue.

Only one nurse to assist 95 patients, the Nursind alarm

A single nurse to help 95 patients (or even more). The complaint comes from Asti Nursind, which reports what it has found inside the nursing home Villa Cora in Costigliole d’Asti. The reason why, with the aim of protecting both health professionals and the affected users – considering the reports received – has invited a letter to the health management of Villa Cora, to the supervisory commission of ASL-At and to ‘Opi Asti to condemn shortage of nursing staff within the Piedmontese structure.

Explains Gabriel Montanaterritorial secretary Nursind Asti: The report from colleagues who work at home is worrying both in terms of patient protection and the responsibility of healthcare professionals. Lack of nurses in care homes but also in RSA. In the latter case, 26% of nurses, 13% of Us and 18% of doctors are missing nationally. Data came from the fourth Long-term care Cergas Bocconi Observatory Report – Essitywhich involved a sample of 598 people with a mean age of 37 and 24 Rsa throughout Italy.

Back in the north – in the autonomous province of Trento, which is also looking to Eastern Europe to solve the problem – the news that the Provincial Council for Health, Social Policy, Disability and Family Stefania Segnana and Healthcare Company’s plan to increase the number of patients per nurse (actually by reducing the number of nurses) in the RSA has triggered the alarm of the RSA United Committee, which represents several family members of the guests of the RSA and Apsp ( Public companies of personal services) Trentino.

The committee, for its part, considers a completely inadequate and unfair choice to lower this basic parameter, even more so in an already serious emergency situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has not yet ended, and in a situation of constant staff shortages. turnover within these structures.

And again, in Liguria, Fp Cgil Imperia expresses particular concern about the situation of serious organic deficiency from a health point of view in the territory. There is a shortage of nurses – explains the union – the nursing homes and the RSA are engaged every day in searching for nurses who are difficult to find and not only at the provincial level. The few nurses who are present in the area live constantly on the market and on precariousness.

Returns the boot, theOpi Florence-Pistoia he doesn’t mince words: the shortage of operators in care homes is getting worse day by day. And continuing with buffered responses will not solve the problem. Therefore, the executive order requests to speed up the revision of the RSA model: They must be included in community service networks with different roles and with openness to the territory, and it is necessary to introduce new economic parameters to finance the structures, adapting them to local hospitals based on the type of guests present..

From Tuscany to Sicily, where the social and health sector of Confindustria Sicilia launches a heartfelt appeal to the region managed by Sebastiano Musumeci expresses its full willingness to cooperate on some important points, such as the reorganization of the RSA activities in Sicily and the updating of personnel standards. The whole sector – points out the chairman of the sector Francesco Ruggeri – is in serious crisis, in order to avoid consequences for the level of employment it is important to address these critical issues. Reason why Confindustria Sicilia has asked the Region for an immediate meeting to find a solution that can no longer be postponed, in order to continue to ensure the care of the most fragile patients and guests present in the structures.

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