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The cooperation agreement has been signed between the Regional School Office, which refers to the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and the Tuscany Region for the promotion of health at school, as foreseen in the Regional Prevention Plan 2020-2025.

The scheme of the agreement was approved by a specific resolution (the 796) of July 11 last year in accordance with the “Integrated policy guidelines for the school that promotes health”, as foreseen by the predefined program PP01 in the regional plan for prevention 2020-2025.

The president of the Tuscany region is satisfied, who emphasized that the agreement will allow for the next five years to further strengthen the close alliance between the region and the Tuscany school office, to prevent and promote health in school, but also in youth places. aggregation, contexts in which appropriate life skills are acquired, through peer comparison and interaction with reference adults. Furthermore, scientific evidence shows that health and academic achievement are strongly linked, the president added. Working together, online, is not only essential, but also the new way to achieve long-term and quality goals. For the regional council member for the right to health, the school is the indispensable place of confrontation for the health world, since it, more than any other institution, can educate and train to live in a healthier way, make it possible to effectively promote health. for the benefit of female students, students and all the staff who work in it. The cooperation between health and school through the regional school office is essential to create more and more networks.

The school, the regional councilor for education stated as thanks to the regional school office and the health department for the valuable cooperation, has the ability to build networks and connections, and its educational mission must aim at common goals for achieving a better state of health and quality of life and for the promotion of health and equality in health, which requires interventions throughout life, according to a life course approach, to ensure every girl and boy a good start, but also to prevent unhealthy behaviors that often occur in childhood and adolescence and therefore to consolidate a healthy lifestyle . For Roberto Curtolo from the regional school office, the signing of the cooperation agreement between Usr Toscana and the region is the first step in a series of cross-sectoral alliances and synergies that intend to share a project aimed at promoting health. This agreement underwrites the commitment of the institutions and the school with regard to a fundamental right whose social value embodies the essence of the well-being of a territory. Health is everyone’s responsibility, Curtolo reminded, and cannot be dismissed in a sectoral and reductive manner to the interventions to be implemented when the malaise or disease is evident. In the concrete actions that the network of schools promoting health will take from the signing of this protocol, the double meaning of the concept of health will be highlighted. On the one hand, the educational institutions will work to educate young people in the defense of health in its individual dimension. On the other hand, the school will become the main actor in building a community that is aware of the importance of prevention, which is reflected in healthy behavior and choices, and which favors improving the quality of life.

The call to participate in the school network that promotes health, which the USR addresses to Tuscan educational institutions, will be formulated in several programmatic steps that will develop in sequence, with Curtolo’s hope that the five-year duration of the current agreement will be a driving force towards a real mentality change and one that always sees a larger number of students and educational institutions at all levels and levels involved.

The deal

In line with the goals of the regional prevention plan, continuous and integrated educational proposals will therefore be favored along the entire school path, so that the relationship between the two systems, the school and health, can: anticipate and function. through joint planning and attended; respond to the needs expressed by schools; prevent unhealthy behaviors; take measures for equality in health. Furthermore, based on the common needs analysis, the essential elements will be guaranteed for a participatory planning that allows individual projects to be overcome in favor of agreed and activated actions within 6 macro intervention areas: relationships, hospitality and feelings of feeling good in school; affectivity and conscious sexuality; prevention of addiction and risky behavior; safety culture; donation culture and conscious citizenship; nutrition and exercise. In the context of the implementation of the same agreement, immediately after the summer holidays, the competent offices of the Regional Council and the offices of the Tuscan School Office will continue to work together on: activation of formal technical tables; dissemination of knowledge, skills and awareness to promote the “global approach to health” in schools; guarantee the presence of a common educational offer for health workers, managers/teachers according to the model “Schools that promote health”; ensure the presence of training offers for health, social and health operators, teachers and other stakeholders (stakeholders) about the programs/actions/interventions indicated in the “Regional Document of Recommended Practices”, which are already underway; prepare tools and materials dedicated to communication aimed at schools, parents, local authorities and associations, to spread awareness of the school model which promotes health. To share activities and experiences, a web page dedicated to the “Network of Schools Promoting Health” will be created and a special logo will be adopted for the schools that become part of this path.

Schools interested in joining the “Network” must complete a form which will be made available shortly

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