Ricardo. “The recently renovated Villa Violati (new public lighting system, new garbage cans, new games and attractions for children) is again useful for the elderly and parents who see children playing safely in the afternoon and evening. But this often happens – Riardo Municipality said yesterday on its Facebook page – that the efforts of those who administer are undone by stupidity and a culture of incivility, as happened tonight after 1.15, where trash cans were damaged, the contents of which were scattered in the public area, and on various artifacts soil and stones were deposited on the bench. These actions show stupidity and should shame the perpetrator! It’s useless for anyone to say: the boys don’t know where to go, what to do or … … damn boredom or cameras. Children must be brought up to respect others, the public heritage and the rules: they can join the associations that manage the football field, the multipurpose facilities, Catholic Action, etc. and, in accordance with the schedules, do sports and socialize. Instead, there are boys in Riardo who grow up “in the wild” with attitudes inspired by arrogance and perversity: they go out and return home when they want; if they decide to play football in the street or in public space, no one must stop them; if they decide to ride a bike or scooter in the wrong direction, they don’t accept to be recalled, and if for stupid fun or boredom they damage public goods, they think they have a right to do so. But all this is unacceptable! Having acknowledged that on several occasions, after midnight, the presence of minor children has been established, running around the villa on a scooter or bicycle; play football; who kick the benches or who use games carelessly and forget that such behavior is prohibited, it is considered appropriate to draw the attention of parents to some circumstances: if minor children are in the villa after midnight, they will definitely return home after that time. Parents of logic and common sense should be concerned about where they have been and what they have done; if minor children engage in prohibited behavior or illegal behavior for which they are rightfully reprimanded by adults or by the authorities, it is not considered “normal” to parents who are present or informed that they are vindicating their children; if minor children use a scooter or a bicycle, perhaps zigzag on the road or run in the wrong direction, it is not considered normal for parents, perhaps present on the street, to comment on their children’s ability with satisfaction. If an accident were to happen, YOU NEVER HOPE, it’s no use cursing fate. These situations are now “certified” and known and known are the “boys” authors of such “stunts”, so before the situation can degenerate with unpleasant but obligatory consequences, the invitation to parents is renewed on minors. Everyone is free to educate their children as they see fit, but parents have a specific legal and moral obligation to raise their children to respect the laws and regulations that guarantee the rights of all those living in the Community. It should be noted that once the cameras are installed and proof of harm is obtained, the offender will be referred to the judicial authority and if the offender is a minor, the parents will be responsible for this action. The attached photos show the conditions in which the villa was reduced this morning. In order to allow citizens, especially children, access to Villa Violati tonight, it is hoped to clean the public area this afternoon. The idiots had fun after 1.15 tonight and the responsible people, to guarantee everyone’s right to use the Villa, need to clean up! The municipal administration, despite the fact that today is a public holiday, in order to allow citizens to use Villa Violati properly tonight, especially children, ordered that this area be cleaned and cleaned up, and Rocco La Villa stood up available for this task. The mayor in his personal name, in the municipal administration and all the respectable people of Riardo, publicly thanks Rocco La Villa, among other volunteers from the municipal core of the civil protection, for the sensitivity shown, thanks to which our children, also tonight they will could safely go to Villa Violati. Hopefully we won’t have to shoot new stunts because of the stupid pastimes of the now usual idiots”.

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