Preliminary tasks, decisive week for the publication of the results

The preliminary applications and tasks are ready to be completed, several provincial school offices have already published the final rankings and in the coming days they will publish the results of the annual mobility. Already this week, in some school offices, there will be releases of preliminary tasks and applications, no later than August 13 to know the results of these operations.

Doubling of abuse

After the publication of the ranking of the uses, some aspirants pointed out to us that teachers with shared space and who requested the use of support, the score was doubled for each year of service performed in a post of support. We must say that this is an obvious error in the calculation of the score, in fact the holders of a common place do not have the right, in the ranking phase of the applications, to double the score for the years of service on a support post. It is, by all evidence, one doubling the abusive score.

Calculation of utilization points

For the calculation of the points of use, it is necessary to use the Annex 2 evaluation table of qualifications and services for the use of the educational and pedagogical staff in connection with the CCNI mobility 2019/2022. It is especially important to emphasize that the score for the uses is calculated by doing use of office movement tables and not demand movements.

As a starting point, the pre-role service is calculated at 3 points for the first 4 years and 2 points for each school year after the fourth year. So if a teacher had a total of 12 years of pre-roles, he would score 28 points for this type of service. In fact, for the first 4 years of the pre-roll he would have 12 points and for the other 8 another 16 points, for a total of 28 points.

For the role service, it is the role of the current membership, the teacher can calculate 6 points for each year of service. In the event of continuity of service, without ever having had a continuity solution, they are entitled to 2 points each year until the end of the five-year period and 3 points each year in the years after the five-year period.

But as specified by CCNI of uses 2019-2022 The evaluation of qualifications regarding the use of teaching and educational staff who hold a chair or place in the school is formulated according to Article 1, paragraph 6 of the aforesaid CCNI hypothesis, of each school in which the said staff performs duty. If the owner institution does not coincide with the service institution, the latter is responsible for assessing the application, possibly acquiring any useful element of knowledge from the owner institution.

To assign the score referred to the application for use, it is sufficient to take the score from the internal ranking of the Institute for the identification of redundant teachers for the school year 2022/2023, and to this will be added the 6 points for the current year and any service continuity score (2 or 3 points). It is of course also possible to add the points for the acquired qualifications at the latest on the deadline for the presentation of the application for use 2022/2023.

It must be emphasized that the titular teacher of a joint position requesting use of the grant must not double the score for the service performed on the grant, but must take into account the score already calculated in the Department’s internal ranking of lost teachers and only add years in progress. The teacher for supportloses the place for 2022/2023, or who every year within the eight years counted from the year he lost his place, asks to return to the former owner school, have the right to request use and can double the score for years spent on support both in role and pre-role or other role.

Scoring of tasks

For preliminary assignment the seniority score and even the cultural qualification score are not calculated, but only the family needs score is calculated.

In the case of family reunification with children, the spouse or part of the civil partnership or parents are entitled to 6 points (Each teacher is free to choose who they want to be with as children, spouse or parents). It must be clarified that no points must be given when combining for the parent who is not older than 65 years.

For children under 6 years of age, 4 points are given (this score is also due if the child is 6 years old in the calendar year in which the move takes place), while for each child between 6 and 18 years they are entitled to 3 points (this score is due even if the child turns 18 in the calendar year in which the move takes place).

For the care and assistance of physically, mentally or sensory disabled children, drug addicts or of the spouse or parent who is totally and permanently unable to work, who can only be helped in the requested municipality, an additional 6 points are given.

In addition to the score having its relevance, there is of course also precedence to be considered pursuant to Article 8 of the CCNI for Annual Mobility 2019/2022 of 12 June 2019. These precedents are placed in order of importance and indicated by Roman numerals I to VIII.

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