Pisa hosts the gathering of Harry Potter fans

The convention for Harry Potter fans organized by the Caput Draconis Association, with the patronage of the Municipal Administration of Pisa, will be held this year at The Citadel of Galileeand will last for 6 days, from 27 August to 1 September. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a 360-degree experience of a school of witchcraft and wizardry similar to Hogwarts. The event, which takes place every year in a different city and registers hundreds of participants for each edition, was presented this morning at a press conference in Palazzo Gambacorti. The culture councilor presented it together with the representatives of the Caput Draconis Association, of which Lia Pallone is president.

The event opens on August 27 with the classic Sorting ceremony in the Great Hall, after which lessons such as: Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, spells, astronomy and other activities such as Duelist Club, Quidditch and various games follow. On the other hand, there will be no spaces dedicated to commercial activities. The lessons will be central because, although ‘magical’, it is always a ‘school’ that includes study moments, homework and, for those who want to do them (and surprisingly there are many adhesions), final exams. With this event, the association has always tried to convey concepts and ideas about a cultural level that can be used in everyday life, using qualified teachers in their teaching sector. This year, for example, there will be one lesson organized by the Department of Physics from the University of Pisa on astronomy. Parallel to the various activities present in the programming, there will also be live role-playing with a story that unfolds annually in the rallies. During these days, the participants, interpreting themselves as students of a magic school, will have to discover and solve, through the riddles and the various proposed games, the mystery presented in the assembly, playing a vivid role in all the moments when other activities (games, lessons and Quidditch) will not take place. The plot must be revealed before it all ends with the proclamation of the winning house that will win the much-coveted House Cup.

“We are delighted – declares the Culture Councilor Pierpoalo Magnani – to host this event that every year manages to attract participants and Harry Potter fans from all over Italy. The Galilean Citadel is perfectly suited to frame this event and is looking to become one of the main points of attraction of the city, suitable for holding events, rallies, training moments, as well as the international theater school ‘Prima del Teatro’, which has just been completed, has demonstrated. It was also for other urban areas to make this area accessible , by to take advantage of particularly stimulating occasions like this one at the Harry Potter collection, also because the Galilean Citadel is perfectly suited to reproduce the setting of Hogwarts. It’s another big event national team arriving in Pisa and I hope the municipality can continue with hosting it also in the next few years I the University Museum System for the collaboration with the association, which will be hosted at Kastellet dnu an agreement in a summer full of opportunities and news to get to know our city and experience something out of the ordinary”.

Like any cultural association, participation in the event is only reserved for members, so to participate it is necessary that those interested answer a membership fee of 16 euros, which can also be paid on the spot on the meeting days. Active participation is permitted for persons aged 14 and over; in the case of minors, the authorization form is required to be signed by parents or guardians. Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will register them and can therefore only participate in the activities. To Information: https://www.caputdraconis.it/. That program from 27 August to 1 September:
– Saturday 27 August
15-16: 30: Opening and sorting ceremony
16:30-18: Lesson of spells
18:00-20:00: Plot
20-21: 30: Dinner
9.30pm: Astronomy lesson

– Sunday 28 August
9:30: Principal informs
10-11: Quidditch
11:30-13: Lesson of caring for magical creatures
13-15: Lunch
15-17: Divination lesson
17-18: 30: Plot
18:30-19:30: Quidditch
20-21: 30: Dinner
21.30: Evening activity

– Monday 29 August
9.00: The headmaster informs
9:30-11: Plot
11-13: History of Advanced Magic Lesson
13-15: Lunch
15-17: 30: Potions class
17:30-20: Plot
20-21: 30: Dinner
21.30: Duelists Club

– Tuesday 30 August
9.00: The headmaster informs
9:05-11: Lesson of ancient runes
11-13: The plot
13-15: Lunch
15-17: 30: Defense against the Dark Arts lesson
17:30-20: Plot
20-21: 30: Dinner
22.00: Christmas ball

– Wednesday 31 August
10.00: Principal informs
10:05-13: Plot
13-15: Lunch
15-17: Magic chess
17-20: The plot
20-21: 30: Dinner

– Thursday 1 September
8:30-09:30: OWL exam
09:30: Principal informs
09:30-11: Final exams, 6th year and MAGO
11:00: Award presentation of the Coppa delle case, thanks and greetings

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