Macro Design Studio and Ellinikon, the major urban renewal project in Greece

Macro Design Studio, the female-led engineering company for environmental consulting and sustainability certifications based in Progetto Manifattura, the green economy hub of Trentino Sviluppo in Rovereto, celebrates its first ten years of activity. The owners Paola Moschini and Giorgia Lorenzi and their 10 collaborators toast the more than 50 certified buildings, the 40 currently being certified and the new construction sites. Among these “Elllinikon”, one of the largest urban renewal projects in Europe, which aims to transform the district of the former airport of Athens into a citadel of the future, intelligent, green, with low environmental impact, in short, a real pilot project for the building development of the coastal areas of Mediterranean Sea.

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Today, August 1, 2022, Macro Design Studio – an engineering company engaged in environmental consulting, sustainability certifications and training – celebrates its first two decades of activity. The company, based in the green center of Trentino Sviluppo in Rovereto Progetto Manifattura, is driven by the belief that the “triple bottom line” or the search for balance between the environmental, social and economic spheres in the construction of buildings is no longer sufficient.
The founder, architect Paola Moschini, explains: “Today we need an innovative approach to new buildings and a regenerative approach to existing ones, able to repair damage to the environment for the benefit of future generations”.
Many projects have been carried out in this sense by Macro Design Studio over the years. These include the first LEED certification in Italy of a supermarket, Coop in Carpi (MO), the achievement in 2016 of the first LEED accreditation for Homes Green Rater in Italy, continuous training with national associations (AiCARR Formazione, Order of Architects Cagliari), universities (Bolzano, Cagliari, Venice), companies and enterprises.
In 2017, the company achieved an important record by becoming the first European company to boast the “Just” label, a transparency mark that certifies its ability to operate according to the criteria of fairness and social justice.
Meanwhile, the company’s employees and partners are growing. From the first three employees in 2017, we are moving to the 10 people who are currently employed in the company. Among the new figures is the engineer Giorgia Lorenzi, who will become a full partner in 2019.
Meanwhile, the building design and remodeling consultancy continues to achieve prestigious sustainability certifications such as “LEED Gold” for the Crif Campus in Varignana (BO), the first LEED v4 certified building in Italy or the first European “LEED Platinum” a listed residential building, such as the Palazzo Novecento in Turin. To date, there are over 50 buildings certified by Macro Design Studio and around 40 buildings currently undergoing certification.
“To this end – continues Moschini – it is important to stay up to date, so we support the ongoing training of our team and support them in studying and obtaining new professional qualifications and accreditations”.
In fact, today Macro Design Studio is the Italian company with the most professional accreditations and the only one with two LEED Fellows. Looking ahead, the company is committed to completing the first sustainability report and aims to become carbon neutral in the near future.
Many works have started today, both in Italy and abroad, including some very prestigious ones, such as participation in the construction of Ellinikon in Greece. Located in the former airport of Athens – on an area of ​​over 6 million square meters – Ellinikon is the largest ongoing European urban renewal project and aims to create a modern, sustainable and interconnected citadel of the future. composed of hotels, offices, residential areas, shops, museums and a coastal park that is the benchmark for the future building development of Mediterranean coastal cities. Macro Design Studio won the tender for LEED consultancy for residential buildings, owner-occupied flats and villas, which are under design. (contrast medium)



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